Pride is the root of all evil.

Image for post Pride is the root of all evil.
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Can be, but certainly isn't all the time. Pride keeps people, sometimes, from doing the right thing - such as apologizing to someone.

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Probably pride and I read somewhere it was also the hatred of the self that was the cause of most of the world's problems.

No, money is!

It can certainly be a root to evil.

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Of course not. It's hurtful if it causes you to disparage others but, pride drives most of us to do well in all we endeavor.

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That's the love of money

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Not all pride is bad. A friend suggested to me, and I agree with him, that desire is the root of all suffering. Not all desire leads to suffering, but at the root of all suffering is desire.

Greed is much worse than pride.

Oh it sure is.

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