Have you ever really considered the possibility that your viewpoints may be dead wrong?

I forced myself to consider (if only for a few minutes) that the positions I have taken on this site have been dead wrong. Perhaps I have accepted some premise to be true without question. Or perhaps I have been blind to my own erroneous logic.

Once I was able to convince myself that I had been wrong, my next thought was: I have been complete douche bag. So to my fellow Amiriters, if I am wrong..

To those I have vehemently disagreed with over the months/years.
I am sorry.

To those times when my replies have sounded cocksure or even condescending.
I am sorry.

To those Conservatives who I felt were rude or ignorant, and I responded in kind.
I am sorry. I had no idea that I was the rude and ignorant one.

To those Christians and Muslims whom I have offended or insulted.
I am so sorry. All I can say, which is completely inadequate, is that, like you, I truly believed I was correct.

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No, I'm not a left winger.

Yes, many times. That's exactly how I arrived at most my political positions. I, too, issued quite a few apologizes and corrections along the way. So I know the feeling :) Though I must say, I've spoken with you and never once to you seem even slightly obstinate.

I also realized, I'd rather be honest than right anyway. Not to mention, even if I were right 100% of the time (an impossibility), that still doesn't give me the right to devalue others, much less force them to adhere to my ideals.

Are you off your meds again?
You are the least offensive/least aggressive person here!

Did you buy some of that "medical" marijuana again?
Your paranoia in getting the best of you.

Call me, we need to get together soon,
before you smoke it all, you know how I love that stuff.

@VicZinc Rough night?

Not at all. Perhaps I was in an uncommonly hyper-generous mood. <shrug>

I would hope most people at least considers the opposite viewpoint during an argument. I do.

This time I tried taking it one step further. First, I assumed I had been wrong on many of my posts. Once I was mentally there, I then tried to empathize with the people I have disputed with here. What would I say to them?

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