Men are intimidated by women they perceive to be smarter than them.

Image for post Men are intimidated by women they perceive to be smarter than them.
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Men are intimidated by women, period. Not all cultures, but ours for sure. Most men choose not to understand women better to minimize them. If we are weaker then tbat must make them stronger

Probably some men are and some men are really intimidated by a strong willed woman....they feel inferior that's why some guys on a social web site always try to demean our opinions and our personalities as well. I think it's funny. It just shows how really insecure they are.

I feel that I can be comfortable with women who are clever or insightful. My wife's intellect is most apparent in her understanding of human relationships. Mine is in understanding complex organizational structures. There are many kinds of smart, no one has them all.

I tend to envy anybody who I believe to be more intelligent than myself, but intimidated? No. Is my response dependent on the sex of the intelligent person? No.

No really. My mother and sister are both math wizards. I understand math alright. Was a carpenter/contractor most of my wirking life after air force. So......

Women are expected to be nice as in: bring home a nice girl...not necessarily smarter...making more money...who knows where this could lead?

Depends on the person.

Only if she is hostile. I for one admire a smart woman.

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How's your evolutionary trip down the path of desperatness going?

Could've fooled me...i'v seen some pretty strange couples in my travels..

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