The last time I used a telephone booth was:

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When I was on vacation a few years ago.

I can't remember ever using one.

About a year ago. We have a plethora of them in Our Town.

You mean the full telephone booths? I have never used one.

I never have. By the time I was an adult, cell phones were regularly used.

I can't even remember the last time I saw a pay telephone, much less one in a booth.

When i changed into superman

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Good to see you, little buddy ... I used enough of them for both of us a smilie

years ago when I needed to call the office from a work location. It was outside a supermarket, bums were smoking around there and too much noise to even hear thepeople i wanted to talk too it was cold wind was blowing. Gosh I hope i don't need to do that again

Wow....I honestly don't remember.....20 years at least....

When I was Superman.

Never used one before. Only seen one or a few in England before.

@amberleechoo Never used one before. Only seen one or a few in England before.

Come to Canada...lots here...used one a couple of weeks

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Yeah what do you call the early 00'

Nice to hear from you, Oz.

The last time I needed to change before saving the world.

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Drive down Upper'll see a couple. Also at various exits of Limeridge...

years ago i haven't seen a booth in 10 years?

What? Do they still make these thing today?


Never used one.

@StephenB Never used one.

Well, keep a quarter handy in case you do.

Decades ago

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