The coolest address in the world has to be North Pole, Alaska.

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There is a North Pole, Canada as well.

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Do they hold the spirit of Christmas all year long,,,aha,,,I thought not...

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Every city has a Santa's Workshop at Christmas. My North Pole probably has it all year long.

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Fun stuff... I wonder if there are going to be more North Poles popping up all over the place...:-(

As an actual town located near Fairbanks, the North Pole, Alaska has residents of about 2,200 who celebrate Christmas all year around. They keep the spirit of Christmas alive via holiday decorations and trimmings. You can drive down streets named Santa Claus Lane and Kris Kringle Drive.

Every December...when the town really shifts into high gear...over 400,000 pieces of mail arrive at the North Pole Post Office c/o Santa Claus, and are sorted and responded to by teams of volunteers.

Feeling a bit out of sorts at Christmas? Well then a trip to the North Pole might be in order for you to get your Christmas spirit back...:-)

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Probably the closest one would like to be to the real North Pole.

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That, too. Like, man, really cool,


cold maybe but cool as in great no way, I" am in Maine and it is way too cold here for humans IMO

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