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The pregnant Dalmatians with ringworm would not let us get near them...unless we gave them some chocolate, which as you know is really bad for dogs... It was like a standoff.

Shake up those molecules with: Florida Keyes, dog, wildlife, aroma

It was a relief after spending most of his life literally sautéing in finally let go and be his own person. Although he did miss the protection...

Catch the sun's rays with: how could you?, demon seed, mortified, beetle

My deliciously kinky girlfriend asked me, hopefully, if I would help her deck the halls. I gave her my best leering grin and said that I would enjoy every aspic of accommodating her. hmm smilie

new words: share, dead space, keyboard

There were clusters of people gathered around the mischievous monkey when the detective came running up...

Your words: temptation, dandelions, forego, weather

The local influence of the priest is incomprehensible to me: even though everyone seems to be next-of-kin in this parish.

Have a great day with: bombarded, joy, undulating, rosebuds

I shall tell you about yesterday: We went skiing in the morning and then Aunt Betsy's children performed for us...dancing about in their tutus... Entertaining...yes...but since Eduardo never made an appearance I was looking rather gloomy...until he showed up later in the evening during the acting of an Edwardian farce.... Then I was all smiles.

Think about it: dung, screaming, lavender, praying mantis

My darling four year old was dancing out in the yard in her new, lavender tutu when she spotted a praying mantis on some leftover horse dung. She ran screaming into the house only to be told to go back outside and play and ignore the praying mantis.

You are up: spoiled, proxy, customize, collegiate.

Many spoiled-looking collegiates showed up to vote in a new captain. Some of the others were rather worn-looking, and I can only assume they were there entitiled to vote by proxy. After the ordeal was over everyone spilled out of the lunchroom, heading enthusiastically for their customized Camaros.

Knock yourself out with: solitary man, hubris, worms, stifled

The horses rump of a republican politician is trying to dump Trump by calling for the whole lump of republicans to boycott his activities. This is backfiring on them because Americans can see what they are doing to him. This is causing a slump in the support of repubs and their behavior will backfire on them.

Up next: Clinton, despicable, Benghazi, deaths

Lasssie led the police officers straight to the beach. The bloated corpse of a Jane Doe wrapped in a glittering "bling ho" dress, the face half hidden by wet hair ringlets, was lying there, among the broken remains of a fishing boat. It looked as if she had been washed ashore last night.

A sad story - why not brighten it up with: fishing, police officers, beach, glittering, night.

They hired an illegal alien as a nanny of course... She could be bossy and ill-tempered...Ryan felt the need to put her in her place at times...but when he was about to...she would turn her big brown eyes up at him, gazing lovingly... It was as if she knew what he was about to say...

Hola! Take it away with: dubious, malcontents, condom, acne

Anonymous threats, mysterious diseases, unexplained accidents and nonsensical errors agitated and divided the whole community and called forth holy rollers, faith healers, fortune tellers, sorcerers and other shady characters with their unnamable widgets, philtres and fetishes.

Turning back into ancient superstitions inspires strange ideas: unnamable, philtres, shady characters, agitated

Like kids and "common" people, some members of the government prefer to use rather the trendy term "pulley bone" than wishbone, but their intentions are the same: get the longer part of it and "make the wish".

Only, the coveted toys are often a means for adults to control other people, territories and even the air space.

Let's go on with: wish, other people, trendy, intentions

The new immigrants, the gypsies, took extra time to go to the media to tell the story of how the wonderful panini came about. The problem was that they were Roma gypsies, not Italian, so their version of a panini was a bit different than the real ones. The media didn't know the difference anyway.

Charge ahead with: pregnant, ringworm, dalmatians, standoff

Camping down in the Florida Keys was great. It was just me and my dog, Winchester, fishing, swimming and enjoying the wildlife down there. The beautiful beaches can't be beat. Waking up in the morning, getting the fish in the pan for breakfast is simple living at it's best. Up here in the cold north, I can still recall the aroma of that fish frying in the pan. I will be great when
I can make that simple living permanent.

Chew on these: drapery, innocent, political, South Seas

Never being a minimalist, her opinion was to place an order of full service for the Tea Party in the Sutton Place Hotel.

Kick off the weekend with: escargot, honey, DIY, escapees

The DIY escapees dined on honey, escargot and prime rib. They would never lift a hammer, paintbrush or sander again.

Keep warm with: relief, religions, sauteing, protection

My miniature Chihuahua's name was Jabberjaw due to his incessant barking which sadly stopped since he got hit by that silver bullet near his throat area... in paradise and in the proper electoral riding may be well and good but it doesn't mean that you and your loved ones can go through life unscathed...

Talk to me: force of nature, banged, ecology, mosquito.

"Bundle those papers together, and we'll throw them in the trash," !Marianne ordered. I was about to obey when I saw a puzzling headline --Lake Effects Snows Attributed to Alien Activity. What did they mean "alien activity"? A newspaper wouldn't ever write that unless they confirmed it was 100% true. "Marianne, have you seen this?" But when I looked, Marianne had vanished. All I heard was a low clicking sound behind me, and when I turned...

Attributed, confirmed, alien, vanished, clicking. :)

@Caitlyn "Bundle those papers together, and we'll throw them in the trash," !Marianne ordered. I was about to obey when I...

A good start - lol, try further. Sometimes, you need an additional sentence to place all the words.

The quality of the roll top desks were reflected in the numbers sold...along with the price and in comparison to other antiques in the same time period.

Rise above it with: soupçon, mayoralty, batshit, daylight

The resurge of antidisestablishmentarianism worsened an already weakened patchwork of political, social, economic and religious, deeply split structures, in spite of the recently published astrological analyses, which predicted rather positive issues. The financial crisis seemed to "bibble", one by one, a series of projects and investments, aiming at implementing sustainable strategies, and it reminded of some fictional quicksand, swallowing gradually a whole train charged with all the equipments needed to re-equilibrate a lopsided "system".

But there is still hope to cure the disease with:
aiming, positive issues, train, projects

@Marianne The resurge of antidisestablishmentarianism worsened an already weakened patchwork of political, social, economic...

Wow Marianne...this response is very heavy and creative. I'm still working to that point where I can contribute something this amazing! It feels like my brain is still in "holiday mode" and may need more time to catch up with you two...

@Sukiesnow Wow Marianne...this response is very heavy and creative. I'm still working to that point where I can contribute...

After reading Marianne's work, I think maybe I should go on holiday for a while. That was an excellent response and had me laughing out loud. Welcome back - slowly......h smilie

@ozzyboy After reading Marianne's work, I think maybe I should go on holiday for a while. That was an excellent response and...

Thank you. Being in the Real world and dealing with serious real life issues seems to have temporarily drained some of my enthusiasm in various avenues...

@ozzyboy After reading Marianne's work, I think maybe I should go on holiday for a while. That was an excellent response and...

Didn't you once suggest that one of these Word Games be restarted since it was getting too long and was therefore awkward in handling?

We can always do that....I love restarting a Game...and that way perhaps more people will join...

It is the fall of 2015 and we are on a site called Amirite. Soon it will be Christmas.

Your words: elections, colder, snow

After a tiring tour in Europe, my family held a beautiful homecoming for me in our local park with all my friends.

beaches, candidates, always.

It was funny to see the dragonfly hover triumphantly over the water lily, while, after his involontary bath, the unfortunate hobby hunter climbed ashore, totally soaked. The chuckles from the audience annoyed the little boy, who started to throw a tantrum, hitting the ground with his fists.

Your words: chuckles, soaked, ashore

With a hopeful smile, the wanderer took a seat under one of the big chestnut trees in the beer garden, enjoying to sit outside and to observe the busy waiters, slaloming with loads of beverages and tasty dishes between guests and tables. He appreciated to have preferred to wait for the summer with his travelling plans.

Your word: trees, garden, tasty

The wanderer enjoyed the gardens, with all the trees and the tasty aromas of food wafting from the nearby café. He thought wistfully of another time when he too, enjoyed partaking of simple dining pleasures.

Your words: albeit though, Freddy, hastily, honest

Everyone sat about in their shorts to eat my amazing picnic. It was uneventful until my uncle Bobby jumped up shouting "Are you mad? You impetuous old fool!" Later on it was revealed that he had an agrument with his aged step-father...and was a bit tipsy.

Your words: respect, insurance, indeed, children

"Not everybody likes playing footsie on a first date." If seeing a slapstick movie, there will be, usually, a hilarious reaction, like a cake fight, for instance, if the amateur touches the wrong person. But the issue is, sometimes, less funny.
One day, while eating out, my lover and I were discussing with friends about the subject and enjoyed to listen to some weird stories ...

Your - hopefully - inspiring words will be:
cake fight, weird, date, stories, reaction

I shared my innermost thoughts with my Cyber-lover, only to find that he had gone and left dead space behind. I was about to hit myself over the head with the keyboard, when I remembered I had already gone through 3 keyboards that year....

Your words: delicious, next year, tennis, whisper

I find it beneficial to use my energy to eliminate unnecessary expenses, cut waste and reduce management to a functional size. I wish our government could do the same.

Your words: facts, representative, information, purposes

As the facts are: refugees have no information on themselves which also doesn't suit our purposes... We like everyone documented and databased...we will be dealing with the unknown...and they have no representative except themselves.

Your words: fire, happenstance, moxy, crickets.

All of a sudden, the association football game was interrupted; a "heavenly" cloudburst and the rising waters of the nearby river flooded the field serving as pitch, and when the players waded ankle-deep in muddy water, the complete assistance had fled uphill, except for a few totally soaked reporters, the staff and a group of fans, who started to insult the players and the referee, when they left the place hurriedly. A photographer, who had found an elevated space higher up in some antiquated seat rows, was asking one of his foreign colleagues why on earth the referee, a rather tall man, had been called a "zygote" and was told that, eventually, he heard "zigoto", which could be translated with oddball. Actually, if the poor chap looked ridiculous - they all did ...

Your words: sudden, muddy, player, river

A piercing scream ripped through the air as a sudden shift of muddy sand toppled into the turbulent river.

Your words: soup, birds, sunlight, dappled.

Our fluffy white cat was always pelted with flying tomatoes by my mom who was always upset since Tuffle liked to pee in any jumble of her flowers.

Deal with it: dumfounded, dialect, dopamine, dithers.

The jeopardy contestant, with loads of knowledge, could not come up with the right flower to describe liberals. The answer was bleeding hearts but she answered pansies. Alex said she might have made some people mad. Instead the story was skipping all over the media the next day and it brought a lot of smiles to faces that day.

Try this on: sharing, halloween, candidate, privacy

The expression "them's fightin' words" puzzles quite a few grammarians: is it an American particularity, referring, for instance, to Looney Tunes and the language of kids, to former evolution during the troubled times of conquest of the North American Continent and the clash of various cultures, or just a fashionable expression? Some interprete "them" with they're, others with "those are" or, perhaps, if skipping the verb, "their fightin' words". As for picayune, the "y" would rather suggest a Mexican, than a French origin, i.e. picaillons, using the plural in most cases, which stands essentially for money, and, in particular, for coins, their tinkling, and also to "a few coins", while the English definition refers to "petty" and to "coins of little value". But what's the link with Anderson's Marmaduke or the number 956 - are you referring to a Porsche, an area code or something else?

While enjoying my amazement - lol - how about playing with: puzzles, interprete, former evolution, tinkling
smile smiliehehe smilie

It puzzles some people when we interpret and mention peeing as tinkling. It must have come from a form evolution i.e. the 50s when people said things like that...just to avoid the word pee.

Happy US Thanksgiving with: Black Friday, hugs, storm, vehicle

BOW WOW! Did you get a look at that chick in the polka dot bikini that just climbed out of Herbie, The Love Bug? I can't believe I'm actually seeing this at the Daytona 500.

Next: rate, windows, tolerate, stiffer

The rates of fines on stolen software - like Windows - should be stiffer than even what I can tolerate.

Play with: danke, tornado, habit, overboard

All we could see in the water was her black and white habit whirling around in the ocean. The nun had been praying on the deck when she saw the tornado coming and was suddenly swept overboard. The first mate jumped in and helped her into the life preserver and we quickly hauled her aboard.
Her eyes, wet with tears, sparkled as she kept repeating, "Danke, danke."

OK: forgetful, voltage, online, dishwasher-safe

Damnit. The dishware she bought online - slightly forgetful as to where - was supposed to be dishwasher-safe. But when sparks were emitting from the dishwasher...she thought that the voltage - ? -might have something to do with it...and unplugged it...

Entertain me with: unplugged, boisterous, navy raincoat, stellar

All his life he had put a halo on her. Now that it was stormy weather she was divested of it...and the home filled with her yeasty presence at once tantalized and mocked him with a chorus of two words: Bite me.

Excite me with: lingerie, scrubbing, Santa, odious.

It was a glittering night while the police officers were at the beach, fishing for the remains of capsized canoe...

Have a good weekend with: must have, realtor, exercise, xenophobic

The Cowboys sat atop their skittish horses riding quietly in the snow. When they reached the clearing in the dense forrest they were completely surprised to come upon a small group of women laughing and enjoying themselves gliding across a frozen pond. Their skates glittered in the moonlight with each movement. The men smiled at the unexpected, beautiful and peaceful scene.
The horses had picked up on the activity way before the men did. Being the honorable men they were, they quietly backed their horses up, turned and left to continue their adventure in a new direction.

Try this: dolphin, portly, ice, kitten

Following the Zeitgeist, the tiny caterpillar orchestra played Handel's Messiah with wild, wanton abandon. It was great!

@ozzyboy Following the Zeitgeist, the tiny caterpillar orchestra played Handel's Messiah with wild, wanton abandon. It was...

Ozzyboy: We have another Word Game on Just In... It's called: Using the Alphabet please Make a Sentence with a Word...see examples...

If you don't see it in Questions please click on my Posts and find it there...

It's not as much fun as this Game but it can be....

@Sukiesnow Ozzyboy: We have another Word Game on Just In... It's called: Using the Alphabet please Make a Sentence with a...

Ok, I'll look. Watching that amazing caterpillar orchestra play that music blew my mind. redface smilie

Take this out for a stroll: lava, karoke, quilt, penguin

Lol...good maneuver...

When you live in a hot climate you never want a penguin as a pet... Believe me. Apart from wrapping them up, in quilts while they sleep there are other issues....

For example: My friends got together at my house, and since it was a cool night we decided to play karoke and dance... But that's when Larry strolled out.... cute.! ,my guests exclaimed...pressing upon darling Larry...who at that point panicked and spewed shit like lava from his back end...

Soon...very party had ended. Have you ever smelt penguin shit...? You'd leave, too.

Happy Hump Day with: smorgasbord, sanctifying, inundated, frogs

The chef surveyed his handiwork. The smorgasbord was beautiful - a work of art really. If it tasted as good as it looked the chef would be sanctifying it in his next breath. The seven sweets and the seven sours worked well with each other. Because the kitchen had been inundated with frogs, there was an abundance of frog legs included with the offerings.
The truck drivers, Dave and Frog loved the inclusion as Frog got his nickname from his love of frog legs.

Want to try these: trade, mistrial, sunny, frozen

She sat frozen in the court room that sunny day in June, wishing she could trade her life with just about anyone in the world...when suddenly the judge's voice boomed out: The court calls a mistral!...and once again she was saved....

Shift those molecules with: feathers, telepathic, praying mantis, football

The football mascot squatted on the field hoping to entertain the crowded stadium. He looked more like a praying mantis who had been dumped in honey and then covered with feathers. Too bad his telepathic powers weren't working that day because the crowd was definitely not amused. The next person they got to be the Jolly Green giant did a much better job, thank goodness.

Too much going on - my mind is mush!

Ok, work on these: heroes, crafty, combines, marble

Usually crafty heroes converging upon entry...generally combines and blends in with the look of the marble shadows....

Take your time with: haven, tyranny, apple, hastened

Sleeping Beauty thought she had found her haven, but the witch's tyranny followed her even to the dwarf's house. Sleeping Beauty's deep sleep was hastened when she took a bite from the offered apple.

Don't spend too much time on these: farming combine, sinus,Yankee, oceanic

Due to the rusty farming combine in the yard in this Yankee back-woods, she had developed sinus issues and yearned for the oceanic lifestyle of her formative years.

Go to town: heavenly, idiotic, lab report, poncho

@ozzyboy You are making me laugh out loud -again!!!


When I read "farming combine" my mind went immediately to this place I know where they did have rusted out old farming a nod to the past...

@Sukiesnow Lol When I read "farming combine" my mind went immediately to this place I know where they did have rusted out...

You will have to tell those good old boys with the rusting combines that they have to get over here where new ones are made and sold!

Jeez, what kind of lab report requires me to wear an idiotic poncho while gazing at heavenly bodies?

Welcome the new week with: internment camps, pillsbury, telepathic, deliverance

Emoticons were not her forte...she relied upon the opportunity to give her verbal knife a sardonic, cynical twist...and the fact that there was the revival of cynicism also proved to be in her favour...

Uhmmm...let's see...try...: dill pickle, harbinger, chase, zoom zoom.

The spoiled dill pickle on the fancy, ridiculously expensive, gourmet hamburger should have been a harbinger of what was to come. The insane foodie went ballistic and gave chase, through the kitchen, after the chef who was running for his life out the door and down the highway. The portly foodie
hopped on his harley. Zoom, zoom went the harley as it was revved by the irate food snob but he lost control of his bike and crashed. The gourmand decided to give it up when his leg was set at the hospital.
The poor chef was found safe, hours later, and he quit on the spot.

Take these for a bike ride: fundamental, bonded leather, elite, mountain top

It was that damn clock that was just delivered by Amazon! Cecile thought it was her new diamond bracelet that Joey had ordered for her. While running to get the package, she slipped on the wet porch and went down. She heard the devastating crunch and knew she would be in for yet another ride to the hospital. In fact, she went so often, she just attached her ezpass to the front of her gurney knowing that would speed up the processing procedure.

Take it easy with: prototype, arid, carjacker, marianas trench

They didn't know that the donkey's name was Lorna Anderson, so when the should have been retired henchmen tried to kidnap some poor woman off the street, they bungled the job horribly. Instead they got Loni Anderson and Burt would only pay to get Lorna back, not Loni.

Three hours early - Merry Christmas! Be an angel with these: tropical, shredded, quick sand, Alaskan

After my foray in the tropical world - having my feet shredded by the stones on the beach, and following an unfortunate incident involving quick sand, along with a very personal accident - I decided to head toward the Alaskan border and try my luck there....

Merry Christmas! : acheivement, Santa baby, spider, huge

The alien Santa baby was not happy! Getting on this planet was quite an achievement but then being confronted with a huge spider, at least as big as the Santa baby itself, meant this was not going to be an easy planet to conquer.
As Santa baby deliberated it's options, the mother ship made contact. We're leaving!dhat smilie Yay!!!

Relax after dinner with these: reindeer, southern ocean, burial, astrological

The death and consequent burial of Teeboo, the elder reindeer, was an astrological prediction. The other reindeer were sadden but resigned, and of course, it was good that it had happened after Christmas...

Following a brief period of mourning they all gladly headed up to their island of woods, surrounded by a southern ocean...

Plow through an hour with: haunted, rustic, pied-de-terre, saint

Her pied-de-terre was an old, rustic cabin that was said to be haunted with the ghost of a war general. Some thought he was a saint but others weren't so kind. Charlene didn't care, it had been handed down in her family for generations so, if there was a ghost it could be a relative and she felt quite comfortable with that.

Not done digesting that big dinner? This may help: illegal alien, bossy, lovingly,

The malcontents were, of course, angry. They couldn't clear up their acne or their attitudes and that led to a significant reduction of their fun times which included ***. I was dubious from the start that this juvenile program would work.
The darn Brat Pack from Hollywood!

Hola tambien! These are for the next round: Anonymous, diseases, widgets, holy roller

The wicked frog put two mice in a bungee jumping harness and entered them into the annual frog jumping contest. He didn't even try to disguise the ruse to the officials. It was, apparently infra dig to him.

It is also infra dig to me to have to keep looking up these words!swt smilie

Spin on these: yegg, Tasmania, hover board, new patients

@ozzyboy The wicked frog put two mice in a bungee jumping harness and entered them into the annual frog jumping contest. He...

Infra dig is a good word! I rarely try for words to google...mostly for words that might make a nice paragraph...:-)

@Sukiesnow Infra dig is a good word! I rarely try for words to google...mostly for words that might make a nice paragraph...:-)

I'm playing with you, I actually like learning new things that I hadn't heard of before. That's what I'm here forbiggrin smilie

A physiotherapist commented, with his group of new patients, the considerable risks involving the use of the so trendy hover board, and cited the example of a multi-vehicle crash, caused by an escaping yegg, who was riding such an engine. The board went out of control and exploded against a car heading a long column.

Actually, there is a considerable difference between the legendary hover board from the "Back to the Future" movies, which was hovering, and the latest self-balancing smart scooters, known under the same name.

Maybe that you will be more inspired with: crash, smart, long column, considerable.

@Marianne A physiotherapist commented, with his group of new patients, the considerable risks involving the use of the so...

The yegg - from Tasmania, maybe? NIcely done. Absolutely correct about the hover board, more like a handleless segway. My kids wouldn't get one. the five year old was disappointed that he didn't get a drone for Christmaswt smilie

@ozzyboy The yegg - from Tasmania, maybe? NIcely done. Absolutely correct about the hover board, more like a handleless...

Oops - I forgot about Tasmania, and it was too late to correct my comment.
Yes, we heard a lot about the many risks involved with these self-balancing smart scooters, and that the real "hover boards" on air cushions have no sufficient carrying capacity. The system is the same as that of the Hovercraft, but the need for power is enormous, and boards are too small for the necessary engins. Furthermore, there would be serious conflicts with road and air traffic, and also with safety and privacy of urban and rural residences, offices, shops, factories, public buildings, etc. and their users.
smile smilie

@Marianne A physiotherapist commented, with his group of new patients, the considerable risks involving the use of the so...

The driver was texting on her smart phone and didn't see the long column of paraders ahead of her. The ensuing crash caused considerable pain and grief. Then they learned that she was as high as a kite. It will be interesting to learn her fate, to see if justice will be done really.

Hover around with these: Mickey Mouse, diner, taxes, New Holland

@Marianne A physiotherapist commented, with his group of new patients, the considerable risks involving the use of the so...

Oops I forgot "Tasmania" - correct:
A physiotherapist

from Tasmania

commented, with his group of new patients .....

"Which New Holland are you referring to?" asked Mickey Mouse his pals Goofy and Launchpad, while they were waiting with all their friends for supper at the diner on the corner of Broadway and 112th Street in New York City.

Uncle Scrooge was gasping: "Not the one in England - did you forget about the prohibitive taxes they are charging there?"

Have a break and Play with: supper, prohibitive, forget about, corner

@Sukiesnow Ever been to New York?

Yes, I visited New York once for a few days, long ago. Its former name was "New Amsterdam", in Dutch "Nieuw-Amsterdam", and there is a "Holland", New York:,_New_York

As to New Holland, there are quite a few places and sites under this Name:

@Marianne Yes, I visited New York once for a few days, long ago. Its former name was "New Amsterdam", in Dutch...

I asked since you seem to know a lot about it...but then...look at whom I'm talking

@Sukiesnow I asked since you seem to know a lot about it...but then...look at whom I'm talking

Lol - thank you; I did a lot of reading, but I do not remember everything, and, sadly enough, there was too little time to explore New York more thoroughly.

"And you can forget about supper!!" ...she screamed with one foot out of the doorway, shaking her fist...

She always backed him into a corner when he took that prohibitive step towards reconciliation... Would he ever learn?

Happy New Year with: ancient, perplexed, Fluffy, Champagne

@Sukiesnow "And you can forget about supper!!" ...she screamed with one foot out of the doorway, shaking her fist... She...

I was too slow:

Fluffy, the kitty, jumped into the living room, behind a bouncing ping pong ball, a welcome distraction for 7 year old Kevin, still waiting for his parents and their guest, an old friend of the family, talking endlessly about classic literature, to finish eating their dessert.

The conversation ended abruptly, with Fluffy's appearance, and his acrobatics brought about smiles and chuckles, all the more when the ping pong ball disappeared, unexpectedly, in a voluminous, ancient vase. His perplexed expression was so hilarious, that Kevin's parents and their friend, enjoying the scene, forgot about the bottle of prestigious Champagne in its ice bucket on the dinner table.

While celebrating New Year's Eve, enjoy some Champagne with: acrobatics, prestigious, hilarious, bucket

Lisa was perplexed. Why would anyone want to drag themselves out into public with thousands of other revelers only to get so wasted they wouldn't even remember the ushering in of the new year. She would be quite content watching it on tv, drinking champagne and playing with the new kitten, Fluffy. How had she gotten to this point? All of a sudden Lisa felt quite ancient.

Have some midnight madness with these: leisure, haunting,selfish, Miami Beach

For common people, leisure time on Miami Beach would be rather boring, if they had to live with selfish, snobby celebrities, who are "haunting" the most exclusive clubs and sites, and taking everything and everybody for granted.

Try: snobby celebrities, everybody, boring, granted

Granted - it was a boring evening with snobby celebrities... But I was with my loved one, so the evening was more than fab...although I can't say the same for everybody....

It's 2016! Enjoy with: toothpicks, harmony, dancing, scaffolding

The scaffolding went 4 stories up and it was wide and completely secure. So I took this gorgeous girl, the one with the legs like toothpicks, up there. The music started playing and we started dancing beneath that beautiful moon. We moved with such harmony that I really started to think that she might be the one. The fact that she moved so gracefully and loved adventures has gotten me thinking about her, a lot. It just may happen yet.

New words for the new year: government, pulley bone, toys, air space

I wish the ones with the trendy intentions would wise up! We can't take another four more years of those people.

Wanna try these? explorers, Tripoli, diplomatic immunity, babies

When Eastern explorers landed on the coast of Tripoli they were granted diplomatic immunity by the Queen since they looked so excitingly exotic. The explorers immediately began making babies with the natives, spawning a new breed of European models with an oriental cast and olive skin...

Work it with: panini, media, gypsies, time

Pirates, on the South Seas, threw a monkey wrench in the political scenes of the times.... Meanwhile back at the ranch, there were innocent young southern belles who were going about using drapery as dresses...

Chew on: diamonds, air conditioning, elaborate, milk

This has been a bad day! The worst! Lisa just wanted to run away from life! The air conditioning broke down this morning, Tommy, the little brute, dumped milk on the dvd player and the darn dog escaped again. Then the police show up with the dog and a $25.00 fine. She silently wished they would have kept the dog.
Lisa couldn't call Eric again with all this horrible news, she had already done that two times this week. Suck it up, she told herself.
She looked out the window just in time to see Eric coming up the sidewalk. What? He was home two hours early and had a box in his hand.
"Happy anniversary, he said to her. In all the excitement, she had absolutely forgotten about their anniversary. In the box was an elaborate diamond bracelet that she had admired months ago in a store window. It was beautiful and Eric was the best!

Roll these around: order, minimalist, opinion,Tea Party

Hillary, who thought she was the boss, took the president's truck by mistake.
We had to fire her.

Bring these up in polite company: mullahs, state hacking, purest, redux

It was easy to exude fake embarrassment alongside his usual confident suave manner... He simply must remember to stay cool...not be too cheerful and trip himself up again...

Take it downtown: unseemly, 1st Nations, dashing, grooved

It would be quite unseemly, for the 1st Nations, to let these dashing monster engins, with their grooved tires and their health hazardous emissions, deteriorate and pollute one of their most vital, natural and amazing ecosystems.

Admire the breathtaking nature and stroll through a lush vegetation with: ecosystems, health, most vital, amazing

His amazing, most vital health stemmed from the fact that he took excellent care of himself and supportedHa all the ecosystems.

Happy weekend with: dreads, avuncular, rabbits, stolen

Clio stood there, his dreads almost standing straight up, with his avuncular demeanor. His rabbits had been stolen-again! Those new neighbors were getting out of hand. He suspected that his rabbits were ending up in their stew pot which was making him stew. He thought about it and found a solution. That night, around 11:30 he heard a commotion and a bloodcurdling scream. He looked out and smiled. The pit bull he had bought earlier had the neighbor stuck on the fence. There would be no more poaching from his yard
now. Trauma, the pit bull, was the best investment he'd ever made.

Keep warm with: silver bullet, Jabberjaw, electoral, paradise

It is natural that concerts stopped in the city since the army came to town.

Tackle this: wordsmith, dung beetle, fighting, sincerely

It brought back memories of being a student...sitting on the hilly grasslands, in the shadow of the castle ruins...and listening to the guest professors' speech.

Knock it sideways with: hitting, deal, fruit loops, wrench

Crazy people with a brain and an extensive vocabulary are the ones who usually hit the nail on the head in discussions.

Wipe out with: extraneous, Aztecs, hamsters, viable

Steve West, formerly editor of The Omnivorous Mind has resigned from his job as editor for Harlequin Books. Although popular, Steve was heard saying that he couldn't handle the additional work load.

Have fun with: genius, recompose, vermin, secondary

Due to the prolonged and often tumultuous handling of American foreign affairs, the ambassadors declared the foreign assignments over. All ambassadors were cleared of all regions and were returned to America within the week.

Elect your new writings with these: Guarantee, manufactured, patina, ethereal

Nagin sought the mayorality of NO, but with a soupcon of integrity and intelligence went batshit crazy when Katrina hit the city. With any luck, he will not see daylight in a very, very long time.

I couldn't rise above it so come on down with: bibble, astrological, quicksand,

I have been somewhat exhausted by the U.S. elections. As the weather gets colder, perhaps the politicos will slow down their antics on the political field. When it begins to snow...perhaps it will dim their enthusiasm even more.

Your words: ceaseless, happy, nevertheless

After years of satiating my wanderlust I finally found my clone...or as some people might twin soul. I was finally home.

Your words: park, homecoming, Europe

Now that summer is over it seems there are always candidates for vacation trips to southern beaches.

Your words: hovered, funny, tantrums

It was on our 3rd date that we took the canoe and paddled out into the small lake... We kept up a light banter which soon dissolved into much so that we fell overboard...first me and then him. We were soaked and when we finally came ashore our destiny was written.

Your words: hopeful, travelling, summer

@Sukiesnow It was on our 3rd date that we took the canoe and paddled out into the small lake... We kept up a light banter...

Whoops! I see I took creative license and used "giggles" instead of "chuckles"... Mental fart...

One of the weirdest birthday parties I've ever gone to...was for my postman... Since I wasn't doing anything that date, I attended, and even brought a geranium as a gift.

There was a cake fight, a water fight...people jumping into the pool in the nude. There are still stories lingering that i haven't heard yet.

My reaction: not to stereotype Postal workers. The can be quite kinky.

Your words: kinky, deck the halls, hopefully, aspic

Blind fury is often destructive and can become an expensive matter; some anger management experts suggest therefore to let off steam in a junk crushing plant, or in a sports centre, smashing tennis balls against a wall or hitting a punching bag. This would reduce unnecessary waste production and expenses, allowing an economically, physically and mentally beneficial and even hilarious use of "too explosive energy", which may, additionally, generate delicious moments to be remembered next year in a "smiling whisper".

Your words: expenses, beneficial, energy, waste, management

Image in content

Happenstance or human errors can have a harmful impact on the equilibrium of natural environments, their resources and regional production zones, all the more, when fertile farmlands are invaded by crickets or if a wild fire threatens to burn down vital forests, crops and facilities. Many disaster movies tell fictive and true stories about risky rescue operations performed by unknown heroes who got a high enough moxy (moxie) to risk their own lives for saving people, animals, trees and buildings.

Your words: risk, errors, fertile, trees

As the palm trees swayed in the wind and the fertile cicadas hum...the everyday reality of risk-taking and making major errors on the stock market seemed to dwindle in a background of azure skies, the sun, sand and beach.

Your words: complete, games, zygote, heavenly

@Sukiesnow As the palm trees swayed in the wind and the fertile cicadas hum...the everyday reality of risk-taking and making...

I tried to enter this paragraph around noon - and crashed.

Then, I could not log in again till tonight.

We are having stormy winds and rain here ...

The "flat tire" incident occurred - as usual - on a dusty track, lost in the bush, far away from any "civilised" spot worthy of the name; only a few "green monkeys" gathered nearby, but kept first at a safe distance, observing the tourists walking around and chatting in loose groups, trying to attract them with peanuts and bananas. Finally, they grew bolder and came closer. The most impertinent, a youngster, daringly climbed on the shoulder of a tourist who was running out of peanuts, stole the man's hat and fled. Two slightly scared children shrieked, then, the scene with the monkey trying to set the disproportionately large hat on his small head, triggered general amusement.

Your words: bananas, distance, disproportionately large, hat

It is good to take a hat along for southern climes...the sun in the distance can burn your head to a crisp... Another thing I noticed about my travels were all the bananas...disproportionately large bananas...

Your words: suspect, raining, carpet, monkey

@Sukiesnow It is good to take a hat along for southern climes...the sun in the distance can burn your head to a crisp...

Lol hehe smilie - that reminds of delicious desserts, like a banana split, enjoyed on a tropical beach with friends under gently swaying palm trees ...

Image in content

The snow is falling here!

When the suspect left the coffee bar, it was raining, and detective Tarchinini tailed him through clusters of busy passersby, whose umbrellas shaped moving coloured clouds over the pedestrian lanes, which were running between rows of ancient buildings. An elderly street violinist was playing with emotion under a porch roof, surrounded by a few admiring onlookers, sided by a cute white poodle and a mischievous little monkey, settled on a fluffy, blue carpet.

Your words: detective, clusters, running, mischievous

But the suspect went further and took a seat in a Chinese restaurant, right next to the antiques shop. Tarchinini was hungry; it was lunch time - he hadn't eaten for hours, and his assistant was there to take over, just in case. He followed his gastronomic temptation, settled in a discrete corner of the Chinese restaurant and ordered fried egg with cucumber to forego, eventually, a tasty main dish - provided that his suspect, still sitting alone at a table near a window, stayed there long enough. On the wall on his left, a picture of a sunny meadow with dandelions contrasted sharply with the weather outside.

Your words: eggs, table, sitting, tasty

The parade was slowed down by a tomato throwing contest, and the whole procession ended up in a hurlyburly, while some police officers tried in vain to stop the pushing flows of people, yelling and shouting: Halt!

From above, on his balcony, an amateur cameraman filmed the jumble of gesticulating arms, hands and flying tomatoes. Following the dance of two butterflies over the flowers of the balcony, he caught the sight of a little girl, who sat calmly on a bench at a safe distance from the confusedly moving crowd, rocking a fluffy puppy in her arms, who looked at her with a slavish devotion.

Try to smile with: jumble, flowers, fluffy, flying tomatoes

Filled with joy about the warm sun, the young otters were skipping through the undulating grass of a flowering slope, among daisies, dandelions, wild pansies, forget-me-not, poppies, centauries and some wild shrubs, carrying loads of rosebuds, ready to bloom.

When the group was about to get back to the bus, several visitors bombarded the rangers with questions.

And a relaxing day to you with: skipping, pansies, slope, loads

Big family meetings remind often of crammed vehicle parking areas and storms of hugs in a multicoloured, cheerful crowd - quite the opposite of the wild crush in the big and smaller stores on Black Friday.

Wishing a happy 1st advent on coming Sunday to all, these words might inspire sweet emotions: crammed, family meetings, quite, multicoloured

With his cheeky humour, multi-talented Jimmy Durante, alias "Schnoz" or "Schnozzola", landed a major hit with the elephant on stage. The grumpy policeman might have preferred to stop Schnoz on an elliptical bike, question some harmless wizards juggling in the middle of the street with bunches of thyme and rosemary, or just take a break and have a substantial lunch, as he had not eaten anything for hours.

Organise a delicious lunch with: hours, question, street, substantial lunch

My mother-in-law was know for 3 things: her fondness for Rolls Royces (she had 2), Jimmy Dean sausages (specially made by her butcher), and her aversion to having a red-headed stepchild. She even went to the point of doing some esoteric ritual involving elephant dung (brought by a Hindu friend), attempting to ensure that Danny and I would not bring into this world another red-head.

Good morning! Attaboy: Skates, honourable, skittish, Cowboys

This comment was deleted by its author.

Your's was tough...2 triple words and 2 doubles... what was that all about...

A portly baby kitten dolphin was sitting near the tub of ice on that hot summer morning...

Take it away: I want out of this marriage.

The contractor hurried to sew her pants before setting out to explore the beach.

Shake the dust out with: orchestra, caterpillar, wanton, zeitgeist

The Herald called Bertrand Düsseldorf the Pillsbury doughboy on account of his portly exterior; an exterior which was partly due to his deliverance from the internment camps of France...after which he finally began to eat real food and rarely stopped.

The only other notable mention detailed the experience Bertrand had during the same time, which was in full: an amazing telepathic vista proclaiming the end of the war.

Happy Monday! Your words: Rolls Royce, spiders, insouciance, giggles

@Sukiesnow The Herald called Bertrand Düsseldorf the Pillsbury doughboy on account of his portly exterior; an exterior...

Her gaze, filled with insouciance, slipped over the oncoming spiders. They were coming for her and she knew her time may be up. But then she flipped her hand and with her giggles piercing the night air, she hopped into her waiting Rolls Royce and sped away.

Back at you with: revival, opportunity, sardonic, emoticons

The fundamental Brahmin yogic Retreat was held in the spring at the usual place in Sedona...near the mountain top.This year's crop proved to be an elite bunch from all over Canada and the US. Each group had a cosy tent with camp beds and nice lounge with mostly bonded leather furniture.... The murmurs of surprise at the leather furniture were quelled when Shivamukti mentioned it was a donation from a fringe dweller... And he all urged them to "rise above it.''

Fiddle around with: alarm clock, gurney, Amazon, devastating

After the incident with a carjacker, The Marianas Trench slid smoothly through the arid sweltering heat of Vancouver in order to get ready for the concert of their prototype music.

Happy Christmas Eve! with: henchmen, retired, donkey, Lorna Anderson

Was he one of those shady characters? she thought, agitated. No that couldn't be true....there was still some unnamable desire with in her... She wished she had made some philtres...and given him one while she'd had the chance.

Hope for the best with: wicked, bungee jumping, mice, infra dig

Adele refused to take part in her colleagues' scurvy prank, locked away the zip gun, and reminded them that Lucy was still recovering at the hospital and would appreciate to see the whole bunch of them. Then, she collected the rabbit fur coat, the umbrella and the flowers and walked toward the main entrance. She heard the pulling of chairs and stopped in front of the door.

Continue with: hospital, whole bunch, umbrella, appreciate

It was a well known fact that mullahs in Canada - away from the mother country - were a shoddy lot...some even involved in Computer state hacking...if that can be believed... Islam solved this...or tried sending over the purest redux pamphlets entitled Back to the Beginning of Mohammed and Do you know where your Children Are? - in order to bring them in line...

Dance with: scofflaw, genuflecting, bunny rabbit, Narnia

With a faked embarrassment, a scofflaw was genuflecting ceremoniously before the Queen, alongside the cheerful bunny rabbit, who had made the whole trip from Narnia to admire the historical buildings and the Royal Family in London.

Do some sight-seeing with: faked embarrassment, alongside, cheerful, trip

Ecology has become one of the main issues in environmental issues and conflicts, all the more when a phenomenon like El Niño reminds us that the force of nature can bring about disasters like floods, draughts, storms, earth slides, etc., when natural protections like rainforests, wetlands, mangroves, water and other environmental resources have been depleted or destroyed by human activities, mainly overexploitation, wasting, pollution and mismanagement. Formerly, mankind was like the mosquito or the locust to its surroundings; small numbers had little impact, as long as the "food chain" was well balanced, but if they can proliferate in too large crowds, their local resources will run low. More than one scientist banged the door after seeing sustainable reforestation and environmentally compatible farming and fair trade projects systematically sabotaged by big factory business or warfare.

While thinking about the preservation of your nature, analyse: overexploitation, proliferate, local resources, phenomenon

The overexploitation of the working, middle class taxpayers has turned into quite a phenomenon. They are expected to pay their bills and those that proliferate with the massive newcomers to this country. Local resources are stretched to the max, as are the local resources in trying to cope with the uncontrolled influx to our cities.

Think about these during your next workout: salvation, multiply, experience,

Since the terrible natural disasters, many members of the Salvation Army had to multiply their concerts to raise funds for the planned "tropical experience".

Their campaigners will also need the know-how of renown scientists to restore the badly damaged rainforest with: army, concerts, since, natural

While sitting on an old bench of stone near the ruins of an ancient wall and preparing his speech, the wordsmith observed a dung beetle fighting with a recalcitrant "breeding ball" on the hiking path winding through the hilly grasslands. He was wondering how to express sincerely his sympathy to the audience, without sententiousness.

Your challenge: ruins, speech. hilly grasslands, sitting

Funny, you are hitting the nail on the head with "fruit loops" - a really funny description for crazy people, and, according to the Urban dictionary - well - the definition starts with "g"! But how could a breakfast cereal called Froot Loops become an expression of the North American vocabulary? Some will wrench their brain, while others will take it for granted and deal with other matters.

Well, let's stick to more language exercises with: vocabulary, nail, brain, crazy people

Scholarly studies of various Mesoamerican civilisations, including the Aztecs, i.e. their groups, are mostly based on scientific and multidisciplinary methodologies, basing on evidence, although extraneous circumstances or myths may, sometimes, provide additional information about their past or about formerly viable conditions, development and systems.

But why on earth refer to hamsters, which are, originally, native to Eurasian countries and regions? Is it their habit of food hoarding (or storing), the fact that they are omnivorous or that they are very popular as small house pets?

Recompose the puzzle with: additional, formerly, omnivorous, popular

The witnesses were totally flabbergasted when they saw the burglar calmly eating at the counter. He put down his cup and saucer and walked off into the night just as the flashing blue and red lights lit up the windows in the diner.

Give these a whirl: government, prison, kingmakers, ducklings

Besides ancient Rome's Praetorian Guard, or Richard Neville (16th Earl of Warwick), Kumarasami Kamaraj from Tamil Nadu (1903 - 1975, brought to power Prime Ministers Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1964 and Indira Gandhi in 1966) was one of the most famous, non-fictional kingmakers in world history. Like many other political activists fighting against an abusive government, he was sent several times to prison.

But I see no relation between kingmakers and "ugly ducklings" ("Game of Thrones" is on my "buck list", because it was inspired, among others, by M. Druon's "The Accursed Kings") - or was Narses, one of the great generals of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, considered to be a kingmaker?

If you have some clues, these "pieces" may help to complete the puzzle: famous, sent, times, ugly

The pieces of the puzzle fall into place when we realize that, in these ugly times, the rich and famous will not be sent to prison for their numerous crimes and misdeeds.

Don't keep me clueless with these: unconditional, excessive, airy, surrender

The beauty of the trees took my breath away every time I returned to my beloved spot in the mountains. Would I share this romantic getaway with my new boyfriend? The word new is the clue to determining the answer. No, it is not yet time. Perhaps in a couple of months if all goes well.

I'm calm now so let's try these: hip-hop, classified, glide,political

We put down our roots through our families but our dreams take flight when we follow our dreams. Life seems to a series improvisations but it only works out when we are grounded in values and education that does encourage us to fly.

Don't wait until you are full of green beer to tackle these: weighty, risk, carbon dioxide, calm

All the items manufactured by small, traditional enterprises of this region were sold with the formal guarantee that they met with all the quality requirements applying to hand-made, local craft production, and that the original patina on antiques had not been removed. Certain ethereal designs, however, were produced in very small numbers only, in spite of the rising demand.

Create your personal brand with: quality, sold, numbers, antiques

The visiting professor is absolutely dumbfounded, when he hears two local, elderly people discuss cheerfully in an incomprehensible dialect right at the table next to him, as if they were under the influence of an increased release of dopamine. While looking at the menu and wine list, he dithers between a local dish and a "Bisque".

Add the following pieces to the puzzle: incomprehensible, next, influence, local

This comment was deleted by its author.

I'll be back later. I must run - lol! Useless to say that I am late again ...
smile smilie

@Marianne I'll be back later. I must run - lol! Useless to say that I am late again ...

Marianne: stict to Amirite. It's better than xSodaheads and if you stick to it you will eventually get more responses. It feels like you might be spreading yourself out too thin....:-)

OMG - The only "victims" of the latest riot were some broken windows, three damaged cars and several thugs turned into laughing stock, as one of the gangsters, who smashed his truck into a range of parked cars, set, by mistake, the limousine of his boss on fire.

While a hilarious crowd is watching the police officers taking charge of their prisoners, try to juggle with: fire, by mistake, truck, boss

The badly damaged bundle of paper sheets included a study focusing on the secondary effects of vermin attacks, and rewriting the whole article would take too long. But the genius of the team was already recomposing the "paper chip" puzzle.

Have a break with: bundle, effects, puzzle, focusing

A totally flabbergasted police officer confirmed the statements of the rather stunned witnesses: "Oh yes, I saw an alien walk away, right before he vanished in the forest. And then, a flying saucer showed up!" The clicking sound of typing from the two other desks stopped suddenly ...

Your words: flabbergasted, walk away, saucer, witnesses.

Don't surrender to excessive feelings, like extreme anger, hate, unconditional adoration or other extreme emotions, which might prevent you from rational thinking and acting. Have a break and relax in an airy, romantic place, among trees and flowers and take a deep breath.

And, while meditating, let positive ideas inspire you with: feelings, trees, romantic, breath

The political, economic and social trends seemed to glide toward a headlong flight and wasteful slapdash ventures, like hazardous hip-hop improvisations, more likely to follow rigidly classified stereotypes and fake than sustainable aims and real facts, fighting rather symptoms than the roots of a disease.

Don't spoil Valentine's Day with such reflections and look for more positive ideas with: roots, follow, flight, improvisations

After the rather tumultuous cheers, the speaker continued his lecture, calm as ever:
"High amounts of carbon dioxide, night shifts, lacking safety, high levels of noise, or handling weighty loads over prolonged periods puts workers at risk."

The following subject deals with: prolonged periods, tumultuous, over, handling

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