Things You Learn As a Fat Person

Things you learn as a fat person
1. Fat people should never admit that they need sustenance, much less like it. Admitting that you enjoy food while fat will cause the non-fat to criticize you for being unable to control yourself around food. Especially if you have a sweet tooth or like potato chips. Things like that are only acceptable if you are not fat.

2. Fat people are unable to have eating disorders because if they had eating disorders they would be skinny, not fat. Fat people eat too much and therefore restricting their caloric intake is a good thing, right?

3. Fat people do not love physical activity. Fat people do not dance, run, hike, bike, walk, jump, play organized sports, or move their bodies. Fat people never exercise and abhor the outdoors.

4. Fat people are never allowed to eat in public or show that they do have the basic human requirement to derive energy from food. If a fat person, for instance, eats a burrito on the way to class they are just asking for rude insensitive comments and cruelty.

5. Fat people are not allowed to be sexual, to get it on with a person of their choosing, to enjoy having other people enjoy their bodies, to give and receive pleasure of a physical nature. People who are partners or lovers of a fat person are considered automatically (and while this is sometimes the case, it is not always the case) to be ‘chubby chasers’ or fat fetishizers or somehow noble for loving that poor fatty. Fat people who are asexual or disinclined to physical displays of affection are that way because they can’t get any, not because this is simply who they are.

6. Fat people must dress ‘flatteringly’ at all times so as to minimize the impact their fatness has on other people. Fat people must also wear sacks and eschew fashion because fashion is not meant for fatties.

7. Fat people must never be proud of their other attributes; they must always be aware THAT THEY ARE FAT AND FAT IS BAD.

8. Fat people must not use public transportation or travel or do other things that force other people to come into contact with them

9. Fat people must be prepared to see bodies like theirs representative of evil, laziness, greed, excess, cruelty, and other such things which emphasize the idea that fatness is because of an inherent mental or personal flaw and that if you are fat, you are also all these things.

10. Fat people must be prepared to answer invasive questions about their diet, exercise, health history, and the like at any given time because if they didn’t want to detail their entire physical makeup for complete strangers, they shouldn’t be fat.

11. Fat people must believe that any sign of harassment, sexual abuse and even rape is a good thing because they wouldn’t be getting any any other way.

(this was written by a friend, about 5 years ago. How sad is it, that nothing has changed).

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Wrong, yes, but often how overweight people are made to feel, damn near everyday.

@shaugnessey Wrong, yes, but often how overweight people are made to feel, damn near everyday.

Why do they stay fat if that is making life so hard? I have been fat and I understand I need to stop eating handfuls of chocolate chips and exercise a lot to keep at a normal size.

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I can see this as being closer to them mark for those who body-shame.

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Understood. And I've no doubt there are people that exist who are messed up enough to say or think some if not all of the things listed by the author despite the fact that I haven't encountered them personally. There are definitely some messed up folks in the world.

What I wonder is how much of it is actually articulated versus perceived. I know we as people often perceive sentiment that isn't actually articulated when that may or may not have been the implication. Along the lines of being responsible for what we say and what we think, not how others perceive it.

Kinda off topic, but as an example... When I was struggling with addiction, I often perceived statements even loosely regarding it or behaviors as personally insulting though it was never so directly articulated.

Was this self-consciousness on my part about my addiction or was it intended that way? When you're sensitive about a subject it can be hard to tell, you know? For me, I think a lot of it was my perception.

Obviously the two, body weight and addiction, aren't exactly comparable, but the psychological struggles we experience when dealing with such sensitive issues about ourselves may be. I don't know for sure, just crossed my mind while I was reading through the post and I wonder what effect our own perception / interpretation has on our feelings about such issues.

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Boy, you said a mouthful with that last part. That is so true. I believe there are totally people who intend to degrade others for their weight or countless other reasons.

I wouldn't go so far as to say people who unintentionally make others feel bad are equally at fault though.

One of the author's points that I see deeply ingrained in society is #9. There are so many examples using weight as idiom for greediness and other character flaws. I don't think all who use them are being purposefully hurtful though and for that reason I have trouble issuing blame on them for the feelings elicited by those statements, you know?

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Oh yeah, totally agree on that crap! Being downright mean isn't acceptable just because it's prefaced with "no offense" or closes with "just kidding."

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Sadly, I've had to have more than one or two sit-downs with my own kid on problems just like that. Especially during school time.

And the excuse is always the same: "Well (insert name here) said it, not me."

And the response is always the same: "You decide how you behave, is that who you are on the inside?"

I love them to death, but kids can be unthinkably vicious to each other sometimes. It's expected that they'll use almost any excuse when they've done something wrong and it was written all over his face that he knew it was wrong.

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It broke my heart and mostly because I know he's been on the receiving end of that same treatment and it wasn't a fun experience, which I promptly reminded him of!

Thanks :)

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I agree and all those rules for fat people should make them want to stop being fat.

Being fat sucked for me... But to each of their own

I don't think any of these statements are true and I can't say I've ever once encountered anyone who thinks so either, or at least not that I know of... The only peoples weight I concern myself with is my own and my son's, but that's just me.

How to be OK with it.

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Seriously? Threatens their life? How so? You do know health cannot be determined by weight, right?

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So these diseases are unique to only fat people? Thin people dont have diabetes or heart disease?

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Completely false. You CANNOT determine a person's health by weight alone. Many, many "thin" people have heart disease and diabetes. Type A personalities are particularly prone to heart disease. What types of cancers do you speak of?


So can thin ones, a great friend of mine died at only 56 he was vegetarian and very thin, but he died from a heart attack anyhow.

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Umm.. Where was I making fun? These are real issues and the way fat people are made to feel every damn day. Does it make you feel important to misread something and then have the audacity to call others stupid?

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You ARE misreading it. Complete misreading the tone. This isnt about what Fat People say and think, but how they are made to feel, by others and by society. And you have friends who are fat? That us different than from actual having been there. This was not written maliciously.

Don't sit on thin toilets.

I grew up horribly skinny. I was made fun of and finding clothes that fit without hanging was a nightmare. I even had someone tell me their mom said they couldn't play with as it looked like I had a disease. I finally put some weight on in highschool. People are cruel on both ends of this spectrum. I'm a healthy weight now and I'm physically fit. It's hard to be judged due to a physical attribute.

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