It is very rude to show up at someone else's doorstep (and knock or ring doorbell) of their home unannounced.

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Yep, mothers! crs smiliehehe smilie乂^◡^乂

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Yeah my mum does the same love, bless her.乂º‿^乂

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It's not rude, but it may be a waste of time if you didn't call and make sure they were home.

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I'm conflicted with this. I get that unexpected guests can be annoying but sometimes it's nice for someone to pop in unannounced. For my grandfather who doesn't own a phone, this is his only way to get in touch with him and vice versa.

I think perhaps there should be a rule. If your porch light is on or front door open, then unexpected guests are welcome. But if the house is dark and blinds are drawn shut, then that's a clear sign you don't want to be bothered.

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Sounds fair to me.

Works for some people but not me.

That's why I don't answer the door when people do. 乂^◡^乂

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After thinking about it some more and reading some of these comments, I've decided that no, it's not rude. I think it should be encouraged more often. We're living in a world where nobody seems to want to get to know their neighbor. Everybody wants to communicate exclusively via electronic device. If someone comes over unannounced to your home and you're in no mood, just tell them it's a bad time but thank them for stopping by. I see the fact that someone cares enough to stop in and see me as a kind gesture.

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I think if we analyzed some of the other ill mannered things people do these days in society, like being glued to their phones during face-to-face conversation, they'd be much more rude than stopping by unannounced for a friendly visit.

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Of course it's generally a good idea. I typically give a text or call before going to someone's house. But I think that from the other way around, we should be more inviting and open. Privacy is great but it doesn't seem healthy to close people off or so to speak.

I have mixed emotions because sometimes a surprise visit just means someone cares enough to come visit.

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