Ever tried Dark Chocolate?

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I don't like dark chocolate...I prefer milk chocolate

I've tried it on hundreds of occasions.

Sure have. 乂°‿°乂

Yes, and it's delicious.

Of course - that's the only chocolate I'll eat. Milk chocolate is to sweet - not even tempted by it. If I want chocolate, give me the dark stuff.

I quite enjoy it

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I gave you a thumbs up and a love. What is up with the thumbs down, lately?

I prefer milk chocolate, as well.

Yes,it is too bitter.

Love dark chocolae I eat a bunch every night

yes i liked it a lot more as a kid because i like bitter foods more back then

Yeah many times and I like it a lot even though milk chocolate is the best.

Yes,and I don't like it.

Oh yeah...tastes good, and good for you, too!

@Fyrefox Oh yeah...tastes good, and good for you, too!

Give me dark chocolate over milk chocolate or white chocolate any day of the week.

Oh YES Darker than semi sweet is great 60% caro in ghirardelli chips YUM

Yes. Milk Chocolate tastes better though, which I prefer as well.

I only eat dark chocolate

LOVE dark chocolate.

Yea, i don't like it..

I only eat dark chocolate

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