How many oceans have you seen?

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The dry land of youth
is on the horizon now
and the winds of time
and waves of regret
still carry me further away
this vast cold ocean
is so dark and too deep
for one such as me
and I know the port
I kept searching for
was abandoned long ago
so what choice is left
with my sunburnt skin
but to give up this raft
and fall in

one, the Atlantic ocean when I was 12 and in Florida (on vacation)

The one on the left side of America and the one on the right side of America.

Two - Atlantic and Pacific. Do you count the Gulf of Mexico? How about the Mediterranean?

Zero. 乂°‿°乂

About 3 unless flying above in a plane counts. Indian, Atlantic and Pacific.

Two (Atlantic and Pacific).

3 - Atlantic, Pacific and Indian

Only one. The Gulf of Mexico.

2 they look the same except more rocks where I live in the northeast

A lot, I live in Florida.

Two, the Atlantic and Pacific.

I saw 1 with yo mom when she was got Thirsty & I gave her tha Pacifik ocean!

Indian and Atlantic. I am un smiliefortunate enough to live in the southern tip of Africa, where the two oceans meet.

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