How did you come up with your Av name?

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I married into it many years ago :)

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I didn't think you came up with that name on your own...

Philboyd Studge is the disparaging moniker Kurt Vonnegut gives himself in his novel "Breakfast of Champions" when he writes what he is programmed to write.

I love looking at the stars I just adapted it and came out with StarzAbove

Sailor Moon. Sailor Sol doesn't exist, I made her up

When you're asked for a Computer name you get like it seems a few seconds to come up with one...when SH asked for a nickname I was stymied...then I saw my wee ferret toddling past me...onto doing some mischief no doubt and aha! That's where the Sukie part comes from and I added the snow just in case there were a lot of Sukies on the site...

It was a nickname giving to me by friends.

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