You owe $XXXX amount on a Mortgage, Credit Line or Visa. Your kid needs $300 bucks for a school trip and your vehicle needs $500 bucks for a replacement part. What do you do?

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Sell all my possessions and move to Canada.

Start dyeing my hair gray at this time.

I call it Tuesday.

Get the car part.

The kid wasn't going on the trip in the first place,so no problem.

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When the kid is starving and you can't feed the hungry booger,because you can't get to work.

I guess in a way,that's educational too..

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Lots of people aren't in debt and choose to live a happier life,like that.
Everything i have or buy in the future,is or will be paid for.

Teaching a kid about reality and the responsibility of not getting into debt, is a sacrifice.
One that i think is a better lesson and even harder to do.

Getting into debt is easy..

To each their own

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We do differ,i don't have kids..

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I'm not in debt because i chose to sacrifice,save and pay for what i have..

You don't need kids to be in debt or understand sacrifices.

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