Have you ever seen a penguin up close?

54% Yes 35% No 12% Other
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7 24

No, but would love to.

Zoo close. They smell so bad! Lol

not sure

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I saw yo Mom at tha zoo OHHHHHHH

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dont be Hatin just cuz you got REKT

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here, have some of my PERFECTION and you'll be Shouting it from da rooftops in no time!

Love those "elegant" little creatures :)

Nope, never.

No, but I'd like to...

Yep, at the Pittsburgh zoo in September.

At sea world

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Oh gosh what do they smell like fish which is what they eat?

At sea world in a show I think it would be fun to see a baby to hold in hand

at the Penguinarium at sea world orlando as a wee brat

Oh I sure have when I was at the zoo. They are sooooooo cute.

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