What do you say when someone asks you: Tell me about yourself.

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I hate that Question, too. It can stymie me... Like, WTF? So I Posted it to get a few ideas....

@Sukiesnow I hate that Question, too. It can stymie me... Like, WTF? So I Posted it to get a few ideas....

Your question should be asked on FB; many users are overly investigative, or telling too much about themselves.
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Ha ha... I'd be pelting you with questions...whaddaya mean: Nothing to tell... So Clint Eastwood...

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Depends on who's asking. I tell different people different things. Some might hear about the fandoms I'm in, others might hear about my kids or pets. I tailor my comments to the audience.

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You copulate with large farm animals?

I usually hem and haw...and ask: What part do you specifically want to know about?

I tell them about my children

Ah, well, I've attended Julliard, I'm a graduate of the Harvard Business School, I travel quite extensively, I lived through the Black Plague and I had a pretty good time during that, I've seen The Exorcist about 167 times, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT!

I usually reply. "You go first." lol

@StarzAbove I usually reply. "You go first." lol

Lol - that was the best answer to give before communication became too public. smile smilie

I suppose that people, asking this kind of question might receive a very disappointing answer. Such questions remind of education, of work, of medical and psychological therapies and analyses, and they are reserved for engaged professionals, who will formulate such questions quite differently, in a more respectful way.

It has, somehow, a rather chilling effect to be asked (by a perfect stranger seen for the first time) to tell about oneself at a non virtual event, whether in the street, in an office or a bar, on a first date, at a planned or unexpected meeting, etc., even if nobody is listening to the conversation. It may be naive or awkward, but in most cases, it is inappropriate and too inquisitive.

Too many teens (and lots of adults too), feeling lonely and looking for their perfect match, are eager to share about their life, their family and friends, their dreams, their surroundings, etc. Many have either been fooled, disappointed, ridiculed, mobbed or even abused and may, additionally, have exposed family members, friends, colleagues, etc. to indiscretion. Cheating, fraud, lies, theft, coercion, abuse and other crimes are as old as humanity.

And on-line, on a public site, where millions from all parts of the world can witness new, old or past relationships, family and social situations, health, work, economic, environmental and other data, and which are exposed to hacker attacks, it is an absolute no-go.

Sometimes, even with friends, there are things you don't want to talk about:
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