Do men really need a man-cave? That's a small room for a guy to drink beers with buddies and watch sports.

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I don't need one. Besides, if I made a man-cave for my self, my wife would demand a woman-cave for her. :)

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Well what. Come up with something yourself; you're clever enough.

Not necessarily, but if they must it's good if it's in the basement so everyone's spared the noise of the shouting that happens whilst watching games.

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That used to be called a library in the olden days...:-)

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Be careful with mixing the reloading and the bong. Ha! You might end up shooting around corners. :)

Only if a man finds his wife less than ideal. My whole house is a "man cave" and a "woman cave". There is nothing I want to do, that I cannot do with my wife in the room (and vise-versa). Drink, smoke dope, watch any show, flap my dingy around, fart, pick my nose; I am just not sure what you guys are doing in your caves.

Alternative to man-cave, try getting a partner that enjoys letting you be you.

It's not a necessity if that's what you mean. I would like a woman cave.

sure. why not???? YouTube video thumbnail

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