If You Had 10 Million Dollars To Start An Organization That Benefited Society, What Would It Be And Who Would You Hire?

75% The Organization Would Be... 17% Nothing 8% Other
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That's a good idea!

A Humane Society and I would hire animal lovers.

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I would head back to Russia and start nationwide community flower gardens, urban farms, and greenhouses, hiring anyone interested. Together we would spread the truth about processed foods' and drugs' harmful effects and how fruits and vegetables can help prevent and/or treat diseases. Greenhouses will allow for us to grow crops, including tropical fruits such as soursops, during those world-famous Russian winters. They would also house tropical flowers.)) Farms and gardens in subarctic or colder climates will be completely indoors, elsewhere they will have convertible roofs. Healthy eating should never go out of season!

Mashas avatar Masha The Organization Would Be... +1Reply

I'd like to have my own branch of the tea party.

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