Let's face it. Soda Head never really left us. It merely took different forms. Soda Head was one of the best sites on the internet. I absolutely loved it! Even Face Book couldn't hold a candle to it, when it came to the script. But it could also be one of the darkest and most contentious sites. And that darkness has not left us. It is here on this site, and it is on Face Book in the evil of members and the twisted mentality they posses. How did such a wonderful, fun and computer friendly site produce so much negative energy, and how has it been able to contaminate the internet? Is a site like Soda Head even healthy? Is this site? SH members see everything this site does, and they comment, and they participate. This site listens to those very people who don't even have an account. Seriously, there are former SH members who live take and post snapshots of Amirite. So in reality, Soda Head never really left. It only got weirder, creepier, and more hostile. JUDGING BY SODAHEAD, AND THIS SITE, MAYBE WE JUST WEREN'T READY FOR THE INTERNET. AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE.