It's hard work putting both toilet seats down. Amirite? Yeah, I know...it's a spin of the age-old battle...also somedays I see it's also hard work to flush the toilet, and change the roll - that's really a difficult one....:-)

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No, it's not hard work, and it doesn't need to be a battle.

Sorry to hear that. I don't find it hard, yet.

My neighbour invites me up at times...direct in my line of vision is the toilet...with all the seats up...and as I pass by to go to the kitchen I see it hasn't been flushed...

He lives alone...bravo that he feels he wants to express himself like that...but when he has guests is it too much to ask for some decorum?

Apparently! It's so difficult, I'm surprised people are able to do it.

I think it's harder for some guys to put the toilet seat UP, Then I come along and have to Poo and don't see the liquid gold the seat, MAN DO I GET PO'd.

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