How do you know when to eat? Do you eat when hungry or do you have a meal in the morning, around noon, and in the evening?

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I sometimes don't know when to eat; then I'm ready to sleep and find out that I'm hungry....

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Aha. My misgivings realized.

I eat when I'm hungry.

I eat when I'm hungry or when I realize that I haven't eaten anything all day.

I usually eat when I'm hungry, now. because I forget to eat sometimes

Depends on the day, if it's a busy day, then I eat when I have free time, knowing if I don't eat... then I'll be hungry when I'm busy. If it's not a busy day, then I'll be more flexable, about when I eat, or if I'm hunry enough to eat.

I eat when I'm hungry. Funny you should pose such a question. I had a doctor tell me about 15 years ago that he did not subscribe to the philosophy of three meals a day. In his words, "your body will tell you when it's time to eat".

I've lived by that ever since.

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