Would you take a selfie during delivery?

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NO! Wth has this world come to?

Considering that I was not wearing makeup, my hair was a wreck, I was on oxygen and so deliroius I didn't know where I was, and in so much pain all I could do was scream, I highly doubt it. No one should be thinking about taking selfies at that moment.

Nope. Selfies weren't really a thing the last time I was in labor, and since I'm not going to have any more kids, it's not applicable.

No...I did not look pretty. Plus I wasn't even thinking of that...too much excitement from anticipation and then contractions.

I rarely take selfies. It's certainly not my first thought when I'm in pain.

Who wants their picture taken when they are in pain! Good grief.

Good grief NO.

I do it all the time

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