Should the US keep the penny?

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Yes. I wished Canada kept theirs. We don't have them, anymore.

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If would go with:
Dollar coin
$5 coin
paper starting at $10

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Personal preference

  • Drop the hundredths place decimal, listing only one place after the period, as it $1.0 instead of $1.00

  • I like the the dime size and convenience

  • I changed my mind, I meant to save 1/2 dollar coin not "quarter"

  • Coins last a lot longer than paper money

I remember when Italy was still using Lira and a loaf of fresh baked bread cost ₤1927.12 I laughed my self silly that you give the clerk ₤2000 and got back coins a handfull of coins worth literally $0.00049 like 490 millionths of a dollar.

When I was a kid a gumball was 1₵

Now it is 25₵

and the machine wouldn't take 25 pennies, you need a quarter.

Yeah, but $1 and $2 coins should be made widely available like in Canada.

no they're rather useless

No. We have done without our penny for a year and it's made no difference.

Canadagot rid of ours, we have to pay more for stuff because of it

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oh your Canadian and know this? if its 86 cents it is now 9O. some places go down, but I have noticed often it GOES UP.

so tell me how is it proven false???

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