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We are incapable of stating the truth as mere humans.

Even if we knew the truth,
we lack the capacity
to communicate it
in any way that
could retain the
unsullied perfection
of absolute truth.

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Oh I agree.

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Oh it sure is -1Reply

depends if it is intentionally misleading.

I think in most cases it is... If you are dealing with a stranger...let's say someone you have never met before...than it's not...

But if you are dealing with someone you have met and there is a committment...then I would say it is lie. But one could also say that in that case people might sometimes lie to each other regularly.

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It is unnatural, therefore a lie.

Mashas avatar Masha Oh it sure is +1Reply

The truth is information that's submitted visually, auditorily, or orally given - something that's the result of an offer to the person receiving the information; something that's completely evident. Omission is the holding back of information - i.e.: not to be known by any of the human senses, therefore not at all a submission. When a fact is not submitted, it's considered null - a nothing. By not submitting information, the lack of that fact, or facts, can't be inclusive; in other words: it doesn't have a value.

Oh this was a discussion that I had with a close friend about a two years ago.Who argued that they didn't lie, they just omitted the truth. Sad thing is the lie wasn't even necessary.

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Sadly I am a big dummy, I thought I added this which is extremely important. cry smilie

I love you John l smilie

From ♥Team K&J♥

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You two know each other in real life?!? Phew..

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