How does it work in America? When you go to the Doctor or the hospital? In Australia if you go to the GP it's covered by Medicare EVERYONE. If you go to Emergency you are covered by Medicare EVERYONE. I'm watching an American TV show the woman fainted was rushed to hospital was ok then she left, that cost $500 because they had no insurance.....that's insane ...

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Support Bernie Sanders - out only chance for a long time to get out of this right-wing loony inspired money-grubbing mess we are in.


Why wouldn't they adopt our system. Everyone pays 2% of our income to fund it, with that no one pays to see a doctor or have operations unless they elective surgeries

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Yes I'm glad we don't have open borders

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Not really there are that many poms here now :-) glad you sent my Dad here

Thank you!

Australia sounds like Canada...

United States of America.

@SawyerRose United States of America.

What utter nonsense, my friend in America died of cancer because she had no insurance

I don't make the laws. And don't always agree with them.

I don't know why anyone who die from cancer because of no health insurance. They treat people without insurance daily.

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If the bill is waived who pays the Doctors??

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Where does the hospital get its money?

@AussieSharon Where does the hospital get its money?

We paid for it with higher premiums
and medical co-pays
That is why cost are sky rocketing

American needs a single payer system

I don't know how that works every America show we see people are rejected from hospital because of lack of insurance. Scrubs, Medium and many other shows...

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So you can go into hospital and get treatment for cancer for free???

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EMTLA states that
privately-owned hospitals
may turn away patients in
a "non-emergency"

but public hospitals cannot refuse care.

Public hospitals
those funded by
taxpayer dollars
are held to a
different standard
than privately owned
"for-profit" hospitals.
This means that
a public hospital is
the best option for those
without health insurance
or the means to pay for care.

Public and private hospitals
are prohibited by law
from denying a patient care
in an emergency.

The Emergency Medical and
Treatment Labor Act (EMTLA)
passed in 1986
explicitly forbids the denial
of care to indigent or
uninsured patients
based on a lack of
ability to pay.
It also prohibits
unnecessary transfers
while care is being administered
and prohibits the suspension
of care once it is initiated,
provisions that prevent
dumping patients who cannot pay
on other hospitals.
The treatment of indigent
and uninsured patients
is a huge financial drain
upon the health system,
especially in areas where
no public hospitals are available.

While EMTLA does not
prohibit care providers
from asking about a
patient’s ability to pay
it does make it very clear
that emergency treatment
cannot be delayed while
ability to pay is being checked.

Essentially, the law establishes
a “treat first, ask questions later” policy.

Private hospitals
can deny non-emergency
care based upon ability to pay
but refusal or delay of
"emergency care"
based on means to pay is illegal.

Hospitals are not shy
about trying to collect
from uninsured emergency patients.
Their efforts can involve
collection agencies
and lawsuits.
wages may be garnished
liens may be instituted
In the US,
Hospitals are a business
and likely will continue to
attempt to bill the services provided.

Either way,
In America prices
will ALWAYS be set
at a profitable level
all industries
including "Healthcare"
and "uncollected" bills
will ALWAYS be figured
into the rates charged
for future patients

that's capitalism

Exactly so they aren't covered for everything. My friend in Michigan was hit by a car he owes the finance company THOUSANDS he said he will never be able to pay it's such a stupid system when they would only have to tax people's income 5% to finance free health insurance

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But you have insurance ???

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I'm always glad to come home Tiff

It's more than that over here where I live, it was $500 when I was in my 20's, now I'm in my 40's & it's much more than that now.

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No prob.
We paid for it with higher premiums and medical co-pays
You're welcome

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