Bring the refugee children LEAVE THE ADULTS Nauru police launch investigation after claims six-year-old refugee sexually assaulted By political reporter Stephanie Anderson Updated 42 minutes ago MAP: Nauru Nauru's Government has confirmed its police force is investigating an alleged assault of a refugee child. Reports emerged yesterday that a six-year-old girl was allegedly sexually abused, with her father, an Iranian refugee, among those who caught the perpetrator in the act. The Guardian Australia further reported that the man allegedly involved was not in police custody. In a statement issued by the Nauru police force today, officials stated that no Nauruan national was involved in the alleged incident. "It would be inappropriate to provide details of an ongoing investigation," it read. "However we can confirm that both the alleged victim and the person accused by the family of the alleged victim are from the refugee community on Nauru." Police officials also criticised media outlets for their coverage of the alleged incident, stating that officers were acting "according to normal procedures". The Nauruan Government also issued a statement on social media, asking journalists and "those making uninformed comments" to allow police to continue carrying out due process. The alleged incident is the latest in a series of sexual assaults on Nauru, which have involved both asylum seekers and processed refugees. Immigration spokeswoman Cheryl-Anne Moy told Senate estimates last year that there had been 10 reports of sexual assault involving children in immigration detention in the period between September 2013 and September 2015. Ms Moy said five of those reported assaults related to a lone incident. There were nine reported sexual assaults of adults in immigration detention on Nauru over the same period, as well as 82 allegations of physical abuse involving children. Outside the centre, there have been 10 reports of sexual assault against processed refugees between May 2014 and September 2015. Ms Moy said "a number" of the sexual assaults had been reported to Nauruan police.

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If their parents are violent rapists...BLOODY OATH

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Who is Stephanie Anderson

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Read the news report, another refugee assaulted the child. I can't post the news link it won't work

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