My dad does pretty well. He works over 14 hours a day, I don't really see him unless I'm up really late, or on the weekends. He got a really good job by working extremely hard in high school and in multiple levels of college, earning degrees, including masters. He makes more money then some people. Why should he have to pay more in taxes to cover someone else's health insurance,for someone who may have partied in high school and college, for someone who may not have worked as hard, for someone who may just not have tried. Yes, people should have health insurance, but just because someone makes more money doesn't mean they should pay more in taxes. (I know there are people who work hard who don't make a lot of money) My dad works hard for his money, the same way many others do.

This is meant at some of the democratic tax plans; people who want to tax the "rich" more. Just because my dad makes more money why should it go to someone else? My dad earns his money and of course it should be taxed but not at the increasing rates some of the democratic representatives are proposing.