If you can't tell the difference between your and you're.. You probably should talk shit on the internet. Amirite?

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Ha - yeah even the meme pic got it right.

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That was the point... I'm not someone to be taken seriously if you haven't noticed

Yankee_Douches avatar Yankee_Douche Yeah You Are +4Reply
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If that's how you feel about it, feel free. I don't have to own up to anything. It's the internet where things aren't supposed to be taken seriously. Including this

Yankee_Douches avatar Yankee_Douche Yeah You Are +3Reply

Well, the one thing we can all do is talk shit. Some of us just can't spell it properly. Image in content


Will_Janitors avatar Will_Janitor Yeah You Are +7Reply

Your right! o_o smilie
You should! wink smilie

VicZincs avatar VicZinc Yeah You Are +4Reply

If you can't tell the difference between your and you're, you are probably already talking shit on the internet.

GinaDs avatar GinaD Yeah You Are +4Reply

Well I can tell the difference, so I guess that means I shouldn't. Too bad, I had some good ones too.

LOL Yankee - you a funny guy

'You're' is short for you are, and 'your' is used for possession. We have all been taught that, but unfortunately we get sloppy when we are typing, especially on a dumb computer site.

But keep up the good work YD.

Your making too much sense with you're statement.

Tammy_Gs avatar Tammy_G Yeah You Are +1Reply

Good spelling isn’t an excuse to shit-talk either. Then again, I’ve seen many a troll go on a shit-talking rampage and leave behind a trail of spelling flaws. A moment of pure schadenfreude.hehe smilie

Mashas avatar Masha Yeah You Are +1Reply

You probably shouldn't take a shit on the internet either, but that's a whole different thing. hehe smilie

Caitlyns avatar Caitlyn Yeah You Are 0Reply

That might be a grammar mistake but it's a dick move to rip on someone's argument if that's the only thing you can hold on to.

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