If physically attractive would you have sexual intercourse with an alien from outer space?

72% Yes 22% No 6% Other
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4 29
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I do believe you are correct. At least that was implied.

Choices choices....

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In a heartbeat

Okay let me be that asshole that asks too many questions before answering.

Is the alien consenting?
Are our genitals even compatible?
Is there any chance either of us could contract a disease from the other?
Are we capable of verbally communicating with each other?
Does the alien have to be physically attractive or could I have sex with it for other reasons?

@Will_Janitor If I was that worried about it, I'd just say no. Ha!

I'm not at all opposed to the idea, but there are a few moral and logistical clarifications that ought to be addressed first.

Yes, but ill deny paternity

That and from (s)he personality I am attracted to. Though, I think a lovely tomboy is for me in my love life.

Sure why not

Only if he looked like Johnny Depp.

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Those green-skinned women on "Star Trek" are supposed to be irresistible to human males...

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