In the end, you can only rely on yourself. And even you will let yourself down at times. Amirite?

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Yeah...I make promises to myself and I don't keep them. :(

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We gotta stop doing that. :/

Caitlyns avatar Caitlyn Yeah You Are +2Reply

Yea I think, in the final analysis, what counts is not what happened to you, but how you responded.

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I'm only human.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow Yeah You Are +3Reply

if by your logic it is ok to trust oneself even if we let outselves down why shouldnt we trust others

That's life but just hope you don't let yourself down,trapped in the wilderness with just the clothes on your back,half a Nutri Grain bar and a stick of gum..

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I've always tried my best to help others. I've found many times after I turn and it's only my shadow on the floor, no backing from the ones I've been there for. I still do it, I know now it has to be for me and not to depend on them.

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