Do you like flowers?

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81% Yes 8% No 12% Other
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I like them seeing them in their glory while growing the most, but I almost always "like" them. :)

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Flowers in the lovely!

Yes I do, very much so.
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I love flowers!

Oh my favorite is the daisy.

I love them .... they bring so much pleasure l smilie

Yes! I have them all around my apartment.

I got some flowers today. Lovely.

Love them. I currenty have the following perennials in my gardens: lavandula, sedum, paeoni, irises, scabiosa, lysimachia punctata, digitalis, heuchera, clematis, hemerocallis... plus I'll grow a few annuals like zinnias, salvia, marigolds in containers.

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I love roses.

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That is so cool Gun.


I do but I'm allergic