“If you're going to say what you want to say, you're going to hear what you don't want to hear.” ― Roberto Bolaño~

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That sounds fair, but is not always the case. The State of the Union speech comes to mind.

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Tiffanee, start now and practice not using words like 'most', I used to make the same mistake until someone said to me, "Unless you give statistics or actually know 'most' people then don't use words like, most, everyone, all, etc." No offense, just my opinion. Jack

Yes. There is always that.

"Want to say" depends on many factors - lol. If the "want to say" words are unkind or offending and meant to be so, they will call for an unkind or offending answer in most cases, but there might be kind "want to say" words, or, sometimes, an unintended slip of the tongue, or a misunderstanding.

And I must admit that I also use words like "most", "everyone", "all", etc., too often, as they are, also in other languages, a kind of "way out", when there's a lack of inspiration or "an embarrassing moment". And precise numbers can rarely be given in statistics.
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