Robots and machines are already taking over. It's not necessarily a bad thing. When the car was invented, horses were out of jobs, and they seem to be doing fine. Might as well accept it. Amirite?

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One day humans will be out in the pastures grazing..

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Yea, but horses have some redeeming qualities.

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Yeah, robots are taking over the jobs that humans don't want to do. :P In fact, that's why we test our robots on humans. It's the best way to test our new bots out! Don't worry, the humans get compensation.

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Cars that drive themselves + Hackers = GTA DRIVING IRL!!!!!!!!!

Technology has taken over and it's created more jobs...different jobs then in the past. I feel bad for the horses, though.

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People need jobs to make money. We are not like horses. The horses that are still living are mostly taken care of by people no longer a working animal unless they are race horses most just live with people in stalls when not being ridden. What will happen when robots take over fast food jobs? The uneducated will be out of luck entirely.

I am afraid of robots

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