knowledge is defined as true belief. belief is easy but proving truth requires a knowledge of truth. this is the key problem of epistemology. all systems of logic have been broken or failed to address the issue that is uncertainty. we rely on our senses which are fallible. and even if our senses were infallible we can not see the complexity of our universe as a whole and only could understand things from a local perspective. even barring that issue say we could see everything from all perspectives could we even comprehend the system meaningfully? is it even necessary to understand the truth? things function weather we know how they work or not. i guess that leads me to the conclusion i have reached. no matter how i try or what i learn the truth is relative to my experience, knowledge is therefore unattainable and unnecessary for any function, and everything i believe is just that a belief. so it stands to reason that the answer to any complex question i ponder is this. dont think about it. its a waste of time and the conclusion is ultimately without purpose. faith is the default and you will be no happier or superior for the pursuit of knowledge because all knowledge is just faith built upon itself. everything is built upon pillars of sand. so i guess this makes me wonder if knowledge is not worth pursuing what is and i guess the answer is what you would expect i dont know. all i have left is what i started with my feeling.