The creation of cellphones equals the creation of idiots?

This might come as a shock to people out there. But I don't really want to hear your cell phone conversations. I don' want to learn how much of a dumb ass you are as you frantically call your wife from a grocery store because you left the shopping list at home . I don't need to hear you talk to your friends when I am in the library trying to study, or at a restaurant where I am trying to eat...IN PEACE. Nor, do I want to wait on you at my job, as you ignore my butt, trying to squeeze the last little bit of cell phone conversation out. IT'S RUDE!! I am not impressed with the car crash you caused last night or the fact that you almost ran that old lady down in the crosswalk, because you couldn't put the damn thing down. Guess what? Cell phones and driving don't mix. And when it comes to conversations with a friend, why not do it the old fashion way? WAIT UNTIL YOU GET HOME BEFORE YOU MAKE THAT CALL!