Food without presentation is like S E X without foreplay. Amirite?

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I thought you would be an advocate...of lengthy foreplay...

Just quick in and outs?

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Nahhh I'm not fancy.....actually come to think of it this is the fanciest restaraunt I ever ate at!: https://disneyland.disney.go.co...ou-restaurant/ And it was a night made in heaven! Mint Juleps, Gumbo, and a beeautiful girl named Ashley!

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I really don't care about the presentation. The taste of the food is more important to me.

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Not always when I'm just preparing food for myself .... but I do like my guests to enjoy both the taste and presentation of the meal. I want them to feel special.

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So... does that mean it's better?

@Maze So... does that mean it's better?

Is sex better without foreplay?

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@Sukiesnow Is sex better without foreplay?

Well, you know, it's like getting ready to go out. I've got my shoes on and she's still in the shower.

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Food isn't meant to stuff yourself with...a little bit at a time...savour the flavour...presentation means pleasing the eye...and that gets the juices flowing....

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Perhaps. I don't need presentation to eat food.

I can eat anything no matter how it's presented but sex without foreplay just isn't going to work with me eek smilie

I'm fine with a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich that doesn't have Elvis on it..

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