Some days it's impossible to suspend your view of reality. Amirite?

And it's not just about movies. Some days one can't escape the What if's. What if Trump wins. What if Hillary wins. What will happen to the UK? More importantly the What if's in your own life... What if...what if... It's a good thing to escape reality...even momentarily....

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It's fun to try though.

Definitely either Hillary or Trump will be president... and that's a bit depressing.

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Sukie - My gosh Some of those things will happen weather you worry or not. You sound like my MUM she worried about everything. Me on the other hand I just do what I need to and take care of my little problems, let the world work on the things that don't fall into your power.

I find more times than not,the "what if's" that are worried about usually never happen..

I don't worry about things as much as i use to,because if you finally come to realize,worrying will change nothing but your health,not saying i don't worry sometimes but nowhere near as much as i use to,or for as long..

In the first place i've eliminated things like politics being something i worry about,that is a pure waste of time..

If you want to forget about something,do whatever it is you like doing,legally that is..

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