What are your measurements?

Height and weight - are you displease with them or you like how you are? Did you want to be taller or shorter? Want to lose or gain some weight? -- I ask because I'm curious. No one has to answer it if they don't want to.

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My cousin is 6'3... I feel tiny next to him xD

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That's like... her head would be on the chest level? You could just put an arm on her head xD Or not, she probably wouldn't like that.

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5' 5" and 120 lbs the last time I checked. I'm healthy at this weight, so it's fine with me.

5'7 (169/170cm) - 131lbs (59-something kg)

I never had an issue with my height. I had an issue with my weight when I started having some health problems, but now, if I continue to lose weight, I'll have more health problems. It's either too much or not enough - my body just loves extremes, I guess.

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Pfft I ain't dainty
people don't mess with me because I got a mean left hook



A woman can't use that...:)

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I would've liked to be a lot taller
like 6'7

and gain some weight without the gain changing the size of my stomach

Seems like an improbable feat
so that's what dreams are for

Not sure

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Well, I don't really think there's a way to make someone taller against their DNA, but about your weight - what do you think of exercise? You could work your muscles.

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Talking for experience (and coming from someone who doesn't like exercising), the difficult part is the beginning. After your get your body used to the schedule, and you start seeing the results (it normally takes some time to see it, so you have to be patience), your motivation will get better.
It's can also be easier if you have a friend doing it with you. You can motivate each other.

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I don't get the inches and pounds, it seems only the US does so I will return the favor, I know that I'm around 180 centimeters and I haven't measured my weight but I'm sure I'm around 100 kilograms which is 200 pounds American if I'm not mistaken, you can say I'm a bit bulky, I used to work out so I will hope it's a mixture of muscle and fat and not just fat.

6' 1''
168 lbs

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No problem.

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5'3" and 117 pounds.

6.1 feet and 226 lbs, no I am not fat (well 30%, so more then I would like to be), I exercise regularly, can run 5km in 29.5 minutes, not great but not terrible (imo), I do better at weigth lifting and body weight exercises.

i couldn;t care less if i weighed 225lbs, just as long as i can get rid of this stubborn fat lol

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thank-you :) I appreciate it

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