It all starts with a KISS... Please take the time to describe somewhat how you like a kiss to be...and...have you ever dreamt about kissing?

Please feel free to post a pic if you want...

Image for post **It all starts with a KISS...** Please take the time to **describe** somewhat how you like a kiss to be...and...//have you ever dreamt about kissing?//
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A kisser must be in charge...oh yeah...head held gently; with firm lips yet tender...with the intention of intruding...with the intent of planting their personality on my mouth...coming together with a communication of the sensual kind...investigative and exploring...flirting and withdrawing...teasing yet loving...shy yet exciting...

And that's only the beginning...

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Nice addition...and with infinitesimal tenderness...time is not a consideration...

If the chemistry is there, the kiss will be great.

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And what about a prelude...a kiss on the nose...the hollows of the neck..behind the ears...like an appetitzer...before reaching the mother lode...the lips...ahhhhh....

Especially the first kiss...don't you just look forward to that...?

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I don't know about you but I love nuzzling...the cheeks...the neck going up to the hair...meanwhile my hands are comfortably resting on butt...or on waist...shoulders...

I don't want to detract too much from the Main Feature The Kiss...

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I recently dropped someone due to the lack of chemistry in the Kiss.

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He had a lack of an upper lip...gross....Ser... The lips have to be just right...

I think what I don't like in a kiss is when someone I really like wants to kiss me in front of other people.

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Kissing... yes! I've missed out on many because I don't feel comfortable doing it in front of others, then the girl thinks I don't like her and I miss out. It's way too personal to have people gawking and making noises.

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That makes sense, I'm thinking now that it might have been something to do with my fear of getting found out by my parents when I was younger as I grew up with the threat of being beaten if I was ever found with a girl. So by the time I had left home maybe this just stuck? I've never had a regular partner that wanted to show pda later on so it's not something I've been able to practice to overcome sad smilie

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Yes! and constantly but never in front of others, it just makes me feel really awkward and I can't put myself into the kiss or feel serious about it, and I find that so frustrating.

No i'm not worried about what they'll think but for me I feel like I'm connecting on such a deep level that it's not something I can invite others just to watch .. honestly I'd cope more easily standing there with no clothes on.

I missed out on having a great girl friend when I was 18 for this reason... it was her 18th birthday party and she kept trying to kiss me in front of everyone and I wanted to go somewhere privately but every time I tried, some guy would follow us like an annoying puppy. So we are still friends now but she's been married for years, but I can't help thinking about the kiss i missed every time I hear from her.

A kiss should be very slow and very soft, with lips barely brushing against one another. You should be able to still breathe whilst kissing.

It should NOT be like having your mouth cleaned out by a demented washing machine tongue. Your face and mouth should NOT feel like it's being suffocated.

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