Food Delivery Service - Monthly subscription-deliveries from your local restaurants-What do you think ?

Would like to know the opinion of the brightest here. More of like a survey.

20% Will be interested 20% Interested- Need more details to sign up 40% Not Interested 20% Other
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Too expensive

Just a FYI .. All leading On-demand food delivery reports suggest customers spend an average of 120$ a month .. Goal is to offer this to 1/4 the cost..
Keep your opinions coming

Could be useful to the elderly and handicapped

Thanks for the opinions.. @Starzabove- i have not disclosed any price.. just curious how you concluded as "Too expensive"

I am not interested because I am mobile and prefer to shop for myself, but I can see where it could be a valuable service to the elderly and handicapped.

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Thanks Tiffanee and SeanMcDonald

Oh well I am far from the brightest on here hehe smiliehehe smilie

However, I think businesses would see an increase in sales. I particular groups utilizing this service such as those that don't drive, the elderly, & single parents that don't want to take their kids out. I would gladly utilize this service.

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