Will Hillary Clinton Campaign Be Adversely Affected By Failure Of Obamacare?

As virtually everyone predicted - Obamacare is failing.

These latest assessments show how leery insurers are of the costs and rules associated with selling on the ACA exchanges — the centerpiece of the health law — and the risks this reticence present to their future. Insurers including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and many smaller insurers and cooperatives have either decided to leave states and counties or have failed. Julie McPeak, who was appointed insurance commissioner by the Republican governor, told The Tennessean that the ACA marketplace for the state was "very near collapse."

The turmoil is putting intense pressure on federal regulators to stabilize the system, lower costs for consumers and reduce risks for insurers — often conflicting challenges that create a Catch-22. Among other changes, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed Monday to have its risk adjustment program factor in prescription drug usage data and the people who drop their coverage before 12 months are up. Insurers complain too many sick people sign up to get health care and then drop plans after their treatments are complete.

Democrats own ObamaCare, lock, stock and barrel — including Hillary ... How will that effect her fizzling campaign?