Obamacare rate hikes topping 40% rattle consumers, threaten enrollment. "The way it was designed, it was almost destined to not work."

[USAToday] Many of next year's premium rate increases on the Affordable Care Act exchanges threaten to surpass the high rates that characterized the individual insurance market before the health law took effect, interviews with insurance regulators and records show. With dramatic drops in insurance company participation on the exchanges for some states, decreased competition and other factors are leading to often jarring rate hikes. Some of the states that are facing what are likely among the biggest increases this year — Tennessee, Arizona and North Carolina — were among those the Urban Institute reported in May had the biggest increases last year. .... Gina Brodie and her husband have been paying more than $900 a month for an gold-level plan they bought on Healthcare.gov even though she gave up trying to find a primary care doctor who would accept her insurance over the summer.