What does a 13 year-old worry about? What does a 73 year-old worry about? Use your understanding of people, your knowledge from Amirite, and your intuition from the Universe.

Other people's worries can seem insignificant compared to one's own....

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So I should use my imagination on this one? Hmm..

  • The 13 yr old girl worries about being rejection by her school mates..
  • The 73 yr old man worries that he might be losing his eyesight.

Pretty much anything from A to Z..

A 13 year-old girl wonders if Leonard or Ted likes her...whether she should wear the green pullover that matches the colour of her eyes to the class skate or not...did mom find the playboy - although that not so much since some kids are good at covering their tracks...

I think 13 year-old boys worry about their model airplane...and whether they'll get a BB gun for Christmas. Whatever that is.

A 73 year-old might worry about...children...yes, those kids, still...and now their kids...lol... Also death...although that's not exclusive to 73 year-olds...and falling. Elderly people seem to worry about falls a lot...

Now, a more PC term for "worry" is "concern".

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No...what isn't?

DWF: Focus

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Why do you say it isn't?

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You might not come across it on Amirite but I use it in RL ALL the time.

I'm worried about going back to school. Instead: I have some concerns about going back to school.

"Worries" sound like issues but out-of-control, helpless ones, the type elderly people get....

"Concerns" sound like issues but manageable ones... everyone has them...

13: Grades,bf/gf,college,friends/popularity,weight, driving (relatively) soon, 73: health, money, family,legacy, afterlife or lack thereof?

Oh I ain't sure why anyone would waste time worrying. It don't change a gosh darn thing. I use to worry all the time. Today, I don't have any worries at all.

The 13 year old worries that changes don't seem to becoming fast enough, like being able to drive, finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, finishing school etc

And the 73 year old worries about changes that they don't want, don't understand or think are unnecessary.

im 53 and I worry about...nothing