Remember How You Voted For Obama Cuz You Believed All The Crap He Said About Obamacare? Hillary Hasn't Promised You Anything - But She Has Promised The World To Wall Street, Big Banks, Foreign Countries and Special Interests

Vote for Hillary? You can't be serious.

Perhaps you've noticed that she is not running her record. That's because her record sucks! She has failed at everything.

She has used the left owned media to excoriate her opponent - often with lies and exaggerations.

But along with Hillary comes the left wing agenda on steroids! She will stack the Supreme Court with justices that don't give a crap about the Constitution. And then watch out - here comes the whole left wing agenda!

A continued war on wealth.
Massive public works projects, shovel ready - never happen.
Expanding federal programs, growing bureaucracy
tax-subsidized abortions
cradle to grave healthcare that sucks the whole way
government college with lowered standards to ensure that every dumass can get in
affirmative action everything
government childcare - to ensure proper early indoctrination - cuz God knows, excuse me, government knows that parents don't know what the phuck they are doing.
more regulations on business to ensure the death of the economy as we know it
radical climate change agenda
sky-is-the-limit confiscatory taxation
repeal and re-write the Constitution
limit free speech
confiscate guns
limit religious freedom

You must not vote for Hillary.

Got a problem with Trump? Fine - Then vote FOR the Republican Platform!

greater personal responsibility;
decentralizing power;
a balanced-budget amendment;
reducing the size and scope of government;
parental rights;
gun ownership and religious liberty;
tax incentives for economic growth;
reducing taxes across the board;
a crackdown on the Internal Revenue Service;
overturning the Supreme Court’s rulings on Obamacare, abortion and same-sex “marriage”;
rejecting any treaties not vetted by the Senate;
rescinding President Obama’s executive orders granting amnesty to illegal immigrants;
withholding federal funds from “sanctuary cities”;
building a wall on our southern border;
rebuilding American military strength,
and exerting international leadership against ISIS and other threats.