What's interesting is that a lot of countries tightened border control during the Holocaust. America, on the other hand, took in many people saving numerous lives. America has always been the land made up of refugees. Refugees of all kinds from all over the world. Amirite?

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That's what I was taught in school. America is the great melting pot. Perhaps it's just mythology.

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Yes, my country is surely a land of immigrants and refugees. When it comes to the Holocaust, however, the United States has no bragging rights about softening our immigration policies, to accommodate refugees trying to flee the genocide going on. In spite of the overwhelming evidence, many people in powerful government positions denied it was even going on, as did many in the general public.

It wasn't until 1944, that any special concessions were made to accommodate Jewish refugees.

America is not the same as it used to be - just look at their politicians. Nowadays they tend to be either a joke or a nightmare, some are both. But if you look at their history, some of their previous politicians are consider heroes. You're not going to see that today. People have twisted the idea of freedom, and they act as if their freedom is above other's and they want people who do that. That's BS. That's not how society works, and many don't see that. Everyone is only thinking for themselves and only their benefits, and while that happens we are not going to get better at what matters. That's my opinion of it.

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Disagree, Sweden (4000) and Denmark (800) - numbers in parantesis are the lives of Jews saved) were perhaps the two nations doing the most to help the Jews, followed by Russia (which was known for helping them). America and Britain did their part (Scotland moreso than England, which was notoriously anti-Semitic/anti-white). Then again those countries I mentioned are Jewish anyways. So they will always help their own kind.

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Taqiyya (taqiya, taqiyah, taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community. In this video, David Wood explains the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya.

That is one of the many important aspects of Islam - being a sneaky liar.

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Spoken like a true bigot

You only know what you want to know

Are you calling the forefathers terrorists because in their documents they state "moslems" and minority groups have rights?

And as the years go by, you become more delusional to hide your true self

I hope you don't shoot up a school or something

Just because you have a violent mind doesn't mean everyone else does

Hopefully you change to treat people better instead of racially profiling like you did with the latinos who lived near you

But I ain't holding my breath on that one

Wouldn't be surprised if you're part of the neo nazis who behead any minority

Thankfully your kind of thinking is decreasing with globalization

The world is more peaceful than it was before. And it's not thanks to hateful people like you who demonize anyone not like you

See what I did there? Don't like assumptions about yourself than don't make them about others

Before, people were ashamed to think like you. Trump brought the bigots out from hiding so we can see their true colors and I thank him for that. Now we know who the real enemies of America are. Bigots like you who alienate and disrupt peace with the goal of inciting global violence and destruction

The attacks your kind have made on the world has killed millions and millions. many Americans see that and state how embarrassed we are to be associated with you

Your thinking is outdated similar to ISIS. Y'all have the same motto, divide and conquer. And I'm ashamed to have been fooled by YOU all these years. Stop recruiting for ISIS. It's wrong. Your reverse psychology isn't gonna work here. I want nothing to do with you terrorists and I will not join your evil

9/11 was something you and bush and supporters did. Hired people to do it so he'd have a reason to go to war for oil in other countries. That's why the owner got an issurance policy right before the attack. Because you all planned it. You would bomb your own people just so you could get your greedy hands on oil. Disgusting

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Well, yes, definitely. But now the nation is collapsing, and one of the symptoms of a collapse is that citizens start worrying about restricting the country to themselves. They demand to close the borders, to make everybody speak their language at the same time they forget how to write, and a long list of stupid stuff like that. Here is a free ebook that describes the process throughout history: http://comingdarkage.blogspot.com/

It's a fascinating book, even if you prefer not to admit that you are doing those things.

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You apparently are one of those who refuse to admit they are doing such things.

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Yeah, ok. You've been told.

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The only possible response to your position is personal insults, and I try to avoid that. What you do now with the information I have given you is up to you.

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No, you are not debating the information, you are rejecting it. So there simply is no point in continuing the discussion if you are rejecting everything. Thomas Paine said it:
Image in content

Now it's going to hell.

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Japan and China are a lot more homogenous. That's why racism is much higher in these parts than in America. Because integration is not normal and because almost everyone is one race. Obviously this slowly changes with globalization

American is lot less homogenous. It's not like 99% of America is one race. So there's gonna be a lot more integration, there's gonna be more lenient borders

Japan and China are not immigrant countries. The Japanese were the first on Japan and Chinese were the first in China.

Also Native Americans didn't push any people out. They were the first people to ever make it to that land.

By that guys logic, America should be all native culture. They were there first. Also, his other "logic" was to people push people out. That's normal? So that means today's immigrants can push people out? That's normal? He keeps contradicting himself

America doesn't have the same values as Japan and China. As the world evolves, china and Japan will eventually have values that include integration. Globalization at work.

The values here in America have always been more about integration. The forefathers even stated this in their documents. Whether they practiced what they preach is another story.

Also China and Japan are second world countries. Why should a first world country like America go backwards and be like the second world or third world? Makes no sense. The goal is to progress, not go backwards

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@fuzala Japan and China are a lot more homogenous. That's why racism is much higher in these parts than in America. Because...

I don't agree with Cezar on some points, but the Founders were "bro"-hating "Friends"-watching (ok that part is silly cause "Friends" didn't exist) white supremacists who hated blacks, Chinese, Italians, Spanish, Germans. Ben Franklin was an arrogant, polite asshole.

@fuzala I clearly stated "whether they practiced what they preach is another story

Actually no, some of the Founders were OPENLY clear about what they believed and didn't try to hide it. Ben Franklin is one of them. He openly showed his disgust towards non-whites.

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