So, what do you guys put on your pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin Pie, love it or hate it, is a staple for the fall season including Thanksgiving. Some prefer other pies like Pecan Pie or Sweet Potato Pie, though only the former I like of the two. We all have our favoured toppings, so if you are a pumpkin pie fan like me, what kind of stuff do you put on it? Are you the weird one with the surströmming? Are you the guy that puts ketchup or steak sauce on everything? Got any weird pumpkin pie stories? Share'em too!

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Well, that I know, it isn't really a thing here. I've never made a pumpkin pie.

I put too many options, so it just posts without any... pfft. I miss SodaHead where I could put 25 options in a post lol. I wanted to remake the post with my hilarious options, that I know people put on their pumpkin pie, especially a Swede I know, oh well.

I use Dream Whip because it's the only thing I know of that will keep until I decide to use it. But it's awfully expensive.

I just use cinnamon and whipped cream on mine. Sometimes ice cream too. I know people that use salt on theirs, one swede with the surströmming....

Whipped cream

aluminum foil ....for my wife to have it later

I don't put anything on it

Sometimes whip cream but i usually just stab it with a fork..

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