What age range are you more comfortable with when holding conversations online?

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Adults of any age. I learn from both ends of the age spectrum.

I seem to find that the age ranges that I talk with online are about on par with those I talk with in real life which is around the 20's with a couple of exceptions but I'm more than happy to talk with anyone that I have something in common with.

I've never found that to be much of a factor, in whether I'm comfortable conversing with someone or not.

Never really thought about it. Age doesn't define the personality and normally it's the personality that makes me want to speak with someone or not.

20s on up... basically adults ... or at least the ones that act like adults (especially if they have a playful side and aren't serious all the time)

adults people who have gotten over the delirium of teens.

Anyone until they prove too troublesome.

18 and above (although there are exceptions to that)

Pretty much a variety... One doesn't always know the age of Amirite members ....

No age it is attitude and intelligence I seek.

Depends on the person

I can talk to people of any age. Italian adults are the coolest. They call their kids "bro"/"sis" (depending on son or daughter) hahaha :D
Such ghetto folks and I mean that in a good way.