Life would be boring without meals, amirite? What //would we do without bacon and chocolate?//

Image for post **Life would be boring without meals, amirite?** //What //would// we do without bacon and chocolate?//
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Not only boring but short too..

Yes! And where would ppl go on dates?

I am following what they call the Daniel diet: pulses and water. Well, actually it's pulses and meat and coffee, and I make rice pudding for dessert. Every now and then I start thinking about something really tasty like fried potatoes or chocolate cake and it's really a bummer trying to get that taste out of my imagination.

(Pulses are dried seeds, peas, and beans.)

Oh yes, I'm a definite "foodie". Even if I didn't need it to survive, I would be inconsolable if I could never taste my favorites again. (By the way, I could dive right into that pizza you posted!) chew smilieyum smilie

Oh I don't know what I would do without coffee. The other day at the doctor he said I had to limit my caffeine consumption,I said I had one better I would just limit my office visits hehe smilie

@Sukiesnow Great comment to your doctor...I don't know if I'd risk saying that to mine...ha...

Oh I say far worse than that but he takes it because he made a promise to my mama to look out for me.

No bacon for me. Chocolate yeah.

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@Trish No bacon for me. Chocolate yeah.

Now there is some fake bacon out there that is supreme...when I was going thru my ''vegan'' experience I had that...plus a lot of food presented by the 7th Day Adventists.

@Trish awesome! Are they vegan/vegetarian? I don't know much about their beliefs

There is a grocery store brand of vegetarian food called Yves... I'm sure you know about it...some of it is tasty...some...not.

I don't know about 7th Day beliefs...but they did eat vegetarian...I'm not sure about vegan but I doubt it...

And then some Mormon or Mennonite ppl will make some really good bread with sourdough...and rice...

Rice is where it's at.

Look for work, I suppose.

yeah..it would suck if we all just sat around eating appatizers every day