Is "Motherf--ker with the Hat" a stupid production?

A black guy saying "bro" and none of the Italian characters saying it just blew any chance of me watching it. The message is crystal clear, "bro" is black slang. Just one reason why this show is so dumb. Who wrote this - a dropout? A kintigartner makes better material than this. I'm not going to see that show. In fact, I'm gonna mock it relentlessly. Buncha pathetic pieces of shit who created that script. rolls eyes
Gordon Parks, who created the excellent first two "Shaft" movies, is rolling in his grave right now. I don't blame Chris Rock as much as the script writer.
I love Annabella Sciorra, and many of the others, but I will not cease to criticize Chris Rock or any of the other's choice if they do a stupid acting choice.
And this is a stupid acting choice.
And I say with all due respect to Chris and Annabella, "What the hell? You guys are intelligent and you're making a choice to be in some piece of crap, when you can be in 'Romeo and Juliet' or 'Othello' instead." But to the writer of this, way to go you imbecile. You're up there with Dolores Tierney and her freak show of a fam

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