Does peer pressure kill the potential greatness of our kids?

One thing and I suppose you can attribute it to my Eastern Seaboard upbringing (cause I think this sadly only exists out West), is that I'm my own man and I come from Brooklyn originally. I was born in the 1990s and I have the mentality of someone who was born in the 1960s or even 70s the latest. I don't go along with what my peers believe, or at least not alone. I listen to peers and elders. I form my own thoughts. In fact, I have more respect for those who listen to their advice of their elders than those who don't, even if it's not always right, because elders have been there before you. Note I'm not saying to always condone what they do however, cause elders could be abusive as well.

What's really a shame is that even the biggest do-gooders today seem more apt in pleasing others. I believe in being of my word over pleasing someone. If you don't like me for who I am, you're not a true friend. I wanna be my own man, not a member of the crowd.

This doesn't contradict being a "bro"-saying ghetto Latino. Think about it, I loved that culture because I TRULLY loved it. People who love the ghetto Latin culture (the "bro"-saying, the broish sisses, the reggaeton) do so because they truly love it, unlike hip hop or most of the pop teen culture in America because it's en vogue to do it).

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Weak kids follow peers strong people do better.

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Not rant, unless I'm bashing those who hate the word, or those who gets it origins wrong.

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Not when there are pests in your face (idiots). Sorry
When it comes to haters, though, I agree, I can turn the other cheek. Although at least they don't annoy me like idiots

Peer pressure is not only killing kid's potential - in some cases, it's killing the kids themselves!

I can't get that girls suicide out of my head. People bullied her on the Internet - the phucking Internet! No actual physical confrontation, just bullshit stories made up about the girl that bothered her so bad that off'd herself.

We need to find ways to build self esteem. Giving trophies for showing up ain't the way.

Taxation forces daddies to work longer hours and mommies to take jobs so there is nobody at home to do the parenting. Social pressure is meaningless compared to good parenting.