Toilet paper...over...Amirite?

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Over. Then you can make a pretty little fold.

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Doesn't matter one way or the other, just so it's there..

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You can't grab it when it's UNDER...you end up scrabbling... When it's OVER it just rolls off...with one flick!

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With OVER...you just need ONE hand...

Over. Habit from when cats when kittens.

Oh man, when cats WERE kittens.

Over. 乂º◡º乂

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Under or the cat unrolls it.

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@Sukiesnow Noooo! She does?

Yes, I'd come home to a pile of toilet,paper in the bathroom floor

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@Sukiesnow Hahaha... Kudos to the little one...

Yeah...she is pretty sneaky..but I caught her doing it

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Yep! :)
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@Piper2 Yep! :)

See... It's OVER....OVER....

Over! I hate having to hunt for what I need. Make it easy to grasp - over!angry smilie

Under :P

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It is stupid!