Is there ever a good time to tell someone they were adopted?

Image for post **Is there ever a good time to tell someone they were adopted?**
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As soon as they are old enough to realize the truth.

Day one. Children should always know the truth. How can they trust you if you hide things from them?

I think it should be part of their story from the very beginning. Being brought into a family by choice is pretty awesome! a smilie

As soon as they're old enough to talk. It doesn't really matter if they comprehend it at first. I remember being 5 and my neighborhood friend was 6 and she knew she was adopted at a young age. You just tell them and when they become old enough that they want to know what it means, you explain it to them. It's much better than pretending to be their biological parents and breaking it to them when they're 18 or something.

I was told when I was about 3 or 4 that I was my parents 'chosen' child (they had 2 natural children after I was adopted. Unfortunately, they did lie about my birth mother, saying she died in child birth. For some reason that stuck with me and I avoided getting pregnant until my adopted mother finally told me the truth about my birth mother. Would have been better to just tell the whole truth from the start.

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When you're being chased by a bear and that person is 2 steps behind you..


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